Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a public database of bitcoin addresses used by hackers and criminals. Criminals are moving online now more than ever. Ransomeware like wannacry is spreading everyday.

Bitcoin is anonymous if used perfectly. Luckily, no one is perfect. Even hackers make mistakes. It only takes one slip to link stolen bitcoin to a hacker's their real identity.

Is there an API?

Yup. Use the link below to view all distinct addresses that have been reported. The API will always be free but we may add authentication in the future. If you use our API in your project please link back to us.

Can you remove a report?

No, in order to protect the integrity of the BitcoinAbuse database we will not remove or edit any reports.

Someone is blackmailing me. Do they really have pictures of me?

Blackmail demanding payment in Bitcoin has become common. Criminals will send an email claiming to have pictures or video of you in a compromising situation. Often the email will appear to be sent from your own email address. They will claim this as "proof" that they have hacked your computer and your email account. In fact, spoofing an email sender is trivial. If an attacker really had pictures of you they would show you the pictures.

Sometimes the blackmail will even include an old password. This is another scare tactic. The old password is all the attacher has. Read more about sextortion scams.

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