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Date Abuse Type Description
Sep 21, 2018 darknet market Solicita pagos por email por cosas que supuestamente hace la gente en su computador
Sep 21, 2018 bitcoin tumbler He says that my domain is hacked and will send my video watching porn to all my contacts Extortion for 200
Sep 21, 2018 ransomware Same here, also $200. The person sent an e-mail from my own mail, so he has/d the password
Sep 21, 2018 bitcoin tumbler E-mail spoofing with hack advertisement to get bitcoins
Sep 21, 2018 other Extortion for 200. It believe that my email has been kidnapped.
Sep 21, 2018 bitcoin tumbler he pretends to be one's own mail
Sep 21, 2018 other Email sent telling about porn videos asking for $ 200 on bitcoins.