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Date Abuse Type Abuser Description
Mar 23, 2019 blackmail scam 136NawuGLkuJwAWYwkCkCnBdE9U1e1fJhx Spoofed email
Mar 23, 2019 blackmail scam [email protected] demanding $1000 in bitcoin within 48 hours, or alleged viewing of pornography would be revealed to all my contacts. Claimed to have installed a keylogger and remote control of my computer, and hacked my email. The ransom note was a jpg attachment. It came through or
Mar 19, 2019 blackmail scam [email protected] (spoofed email address) Blackmailing. Pretends to have hacked the PC, to have embarrassing video material (illegal use of webcam) and passwords (keylogger).
Mar 15, 2019 blackmail scam faked my own email, header has [email protected] Same description as all the others. "I have hacked your email and computer, provide $1000 in bitcoin, not too small to ask for or I expose your webcam recordings and private data I backed up". Sent as a pic, not text in the e-mail body.
Mar 15, 2019 blackmail scam spoofed my email account Similar threatening message as other reports.
Mar 14, 2019 ransomware 136NawuGLkuJwAWYwkCkCnBdE9U1e1fJhx 1000 USD in exchange of not posting sex videos of me.... please... do it
Mar 14, 2019 ransomware spoofed my email account Claimed to be hacked my systems, stating that have videos from my web cam that actually always is block with a tape, hahaha, asking for 1000 USD.
Mar 13, 2019 ransomware no way You're such an asshole. Another message from you and I will go to the police.
Mar 12, 2019 sextortion forged email Your account was infected! Change password right away! wants 1000 USD
Mar 12, 2019 ransomware [email protected] The email read "Your account is now infected! Modify the pswd immediately! You may not heard (sic) about me and you are certainly wanting to know why you are receiving this email, i it right? I'mhacker who burst your email boxand devicestwo (sic ... all typos as sent in the email) months ago. ... (it continues similarly to ll the others) ... My bitcoin wallet address: 136NawuGLkuJwAWYwkCkCnBdE9U1e1fJhx ( etc ... )" The email was pasted in as an image and not typed in.