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Latest ReportWed, 12 Jun 19 10:21:07 +0000
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Jun 12, 2019 sextortion Some idiot "Your account is now hacked!" No, you are delusional prick threatening easily fooled people. "You don't know anything about me" No, I'm thinking you are a dumb fucking mongoloid scammer who eats their own shit. "This email is being sеnt from yоur оwn addrеss." No, this email is from in Russia by using an esmtp envelope from [email protected] using in Thailand with email address of <[email protected]> and IF it was sent from my own address, there would be copy in my sent folder, fucking moron. "I have dual screen video recording" STOP THE BULLSHIT, you are a pathetic knuckle-dragging retarded liar and proud of it. "You have two days to pay me" No, I don't have to pay. I get the same bullshit extortion every few days from little cunts like you and NOTHING EVERY HAPPENS in "two days" other than yet another moronic fucking email trying the same scam over and over. I look forward to mocking you again retard.