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Date Abuse Type Abuser Description
Feb 19, 2019 blackmail scam Unknown Sent from this IP: (Yahoo Japan Corporation) Sent from my own (spoofed) address. These addresses were in the header: Errors-To: [email protected] List-Help: [email protected] X-Sender-Info: <[email protected]>
Feb 19, 2019 blackmail scam IDK wants to blackmail. sent from my own email and claims to have things against me and will send to my contacts if i dont pay 1000.
Feb 19, 2019 blackmail scam X-Authenticated-Sender: [email protected] blackmail scam
Feb 19, 2019 blackmail scam My email address Claims to have "backups" of everything of mine and will post browser history of adult sites online. Spoofed from my email address. Headers show it's coming through a brazilian site.
Feb 19, 2019 ransomware spoof email Hi, your account was recently hacked! Renew your password this time! You probably do not know me me and you obviously are probably wondering for what reason you're reading this particular e-mail, is it right? I'm ahacker who burstyour emailand all devicesnot so long ago. Do not attempt to msg me or alternatively try to find me, it's impossible, since I sent you this message using YOUR hacked account. ....
Feb 19, 2019 ransomware Spoofed This is the email I recieved: This account is now infected! Modify your pswd immediately! You may not heard about me and you may be certainly surprised why you are getting this electronic message, is it right? I'mhacker who crackedyour email boxand devicesseveral months ago. You should not try to communicate with me or alternatively look for me, in fact it's hopeless, since I forwarded you a letter from YOUR own account that I've hacked. I have created virus to the adult videos (porn) website and guess that you watched this website to have a good time (you realize what I really mean)....
Feb 19, 2019 blackmail scam Script-kiddie Pretends to have hacked your router and computer, and pretends to have sent email from your own account, which is very very simple to do. Everything is false, and a simple scam!
Feb 19, 2019 ransomware ( Spoofing email;
Feb 19, 2019 blackmail scam my own email uses my own email
Feb 19, 2019 ransomware Don't know Uses my own address to send me the email !!! Asks me to send funds to this bitcoin address