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Address 14E8fHgjKV5Jtxuh3UhcwF6E8bWWZHYrqq
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Latest ReportSun, 11 Nov 18 03:55:14 +0000
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Date Abuse Type Description
Nov 11, 2018 ransomware The‌re‌fo‌re‌, whe‌n yo‌u‌ ha‌d fu‌n o‌n pi‌qu‌a‌nt we‌b pa‌ge‌s (yo‌u‌ kno‌w wha‌t I me‌a‌n!) I cre‌a‌te‌d scre‌e‌nsho‌t wi‌th u‌ti‌li‌zi‌ng my pro‌gra‌m thro‌u‌gh yo‌u‌r ca‌me‌ra‌ o‌f yo‌u‌rs de‌vi‌ce‌. And the‌n, I co‌mbi‌ne‌d the‌m to‌ the‌ co‌nte‌nt o‌f the‌ cu‌rre‌ntly vi‌e‌we‌d we‌b si‌te‌. The‌re‌ wi‌ll be‌ gi‌ggli‌ng whe‌n I se‌nd the‌se‌ pi‌cs to‌ yo‌u‌r fri‌e‌nds! Altho‌u‌gh I a‌m su‌re‌ yo‌u‌ do‌ no‌t wa‌nt i‌t. Fo‌r tha‌t re‌a‌so‌n, I e‌xpe‌ct to‌ ha‌ve‌ pa‌yme‌nt fro‌m yo‌u‌ wi‌th re‌ga‌rd to‌ my qu‌i‌e‌t. I fe‌e‌l $900 i‌s a‌n a‌de‌qu‌a‌te‌ pri‌ce‌ re‌ga‌rdi‌ng thi‌s! Pa‌y wi‌th Bi‌tco‌i‌n.
Nov 1, 2018 ransomware HELL I SHOULD FEEL GOOD HE ONLY WANT $900 FROM ME :)
Oct 29, 2018 ransomware He is also using 1DjoJX8VKjRfS2wZ4G5iKg4P5ZrUn5J5wL . See below: Second alternative should be to pay me $3000. I will describe it as a donation. In this case, I will promptly remove your video. You can resume your daily ro utine like this never happened and you surely will never hear back again from me. You'll make the payment via Bitcoin (if you don't know this, search for "how to buy bitcoin" in Google). BTC Address to send to: 1DjoJX8VKjRfS2wZ4G5iKg4P5ZrUn5J5wL
Oct 7, 2018 ransomware Same as the rest, 7000 dollars to not send videos to people.
Oct 2, 2018 ransomware Wants 7000$ to not send suggested porn viewing videos to friends
Sep 23, 2018 ransomware Wants 7000$ to not send suggested porn viewing videos to friends