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Address 15tGbgpiksnzBY1tef2LgUbJ9pZvoDjCbs
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Latest ReportThu, 28 Mar 19 12:51:29 +0000
(3 years ago)

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Date Abuse Type Description
Mar 28, 2019 blackmail scam this lame idiot just never stops ... he wants £1000 this time or he will send all my porn footage to my colleagues. go change ur nappy and build some sandcastles kid
Mar 20, 2019 ransomware Wants bitcoin as he hacked my email
Mar 4, 2019 bitcoin tumbler Logged into my account and threaten to circulate private videos
Feb 22, 2019 blackmail scam I received this message: "Hi, this account is hacked! I'm hacker who cracked your email box and digital devices some time ago. I've started malware software to the adult videos (porno) website and suppose you have enjoyed this website to have some fun. my program obtained all information. You put passcodes on the web services you visited, I caught all of them. What exactly should you do? Clearly, I think, 1000 USD is basically a reasonable amount of money for this small secret. You'll make your deposit by bitcoins. My bitcoin wallet address: 15tGbgpiksnzBY1tef2LgUbJ9pZvoDjCbs. You will have 48 hours in order to make the payment. In the event I fail to get bitcoins, I will immediately send your recording to each of your contacts." HEADER: SPF=MAILFROM; [email protected]; remoteip=::ffff:;;;
Feb 22, 2019 blackmail scam Asking for crypto in exchange for not blackmailing.
Feb 20, 2019 ransomware same email scam asking for $1000 in bit coin otherwise he's going to release a video of me that doesn't exist.
Feb 19, 2019 blackmail scam I believe, 1000 USD will be a inexpensive price for our small riddle.
Feb 18, 2019 ransomware Hi, your account is infected! Change the pswd right now! You might not know anything about me and you obviously are most probably wondering why you are reading this particular message, is it right? I'mhacker who exploitedyour emailand systemtwo months ago. What exactly do you have to do? Well, in my opinion, 1000 USD will be a good amount of money for this small riddle. You'll make the payment by bitcoins (if you do not understand this, try to find “how to purchase bitcoin” in Google). My bitcoin wallet address: 15tGbgpiksnzBY1tef2LgUbJ9pZvoDjCbs (It is cAsE sensitive, so copy and paste it).
Feb 18, 2019 blackmail scam They used the same email address with our domain of a currently user, however we know it's from an outside source due to a caution we have at the top of all outside email addresses. Saying the user owes $1,000 for videos. Told user to ignore
Feb 17, 2019 blackmail scam Sextortion blackmail with the same form email text others noted