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Address 199R4jMBjCE4MBTtxU5YdRizcBXjVF82jV
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Latest ReportMon, 17 Jan 22 17:00:58 +0000
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Date Abuse Type Description
Jan 17, 2022 blackmail scam Bog standard blackmail scam, they claim to have hacked my account/router and have (vague) incriminating evidence against me. I just ignore these and report their wallets.
Jan 17, 2022 bitcoin tumbler Ever been a victim of investment or cryptocurrency fraud, loosing all your money to scammers and impersonators claiming to be Brokers and investment personnels/ companies? This was my scenario a month ago. Lost over $575,000 to an investment scam, was furious and frustrated, got a verified info about Summitrecoup from reddit. I also did all my backgrounds checking to verify them and it came out that they are Legit and Trustworthy. I made contact and explained my case giving out all transactions details and info needed for it. They did what they know how to do Best. I got all my money and also ROI for the whole trading duration. Summitrecoup dot com, Thank you. Get help while you can.
Jan 16, 2022 blackmail scam This person sent me an email threatening they would share videos of me unless I paid £1500 into their Bitcoin wallet
Jan 15, 2022 sextortion Claimed to have hacked my machine and have video recorded from my camera, but clearly fake.
Jan 15, 2022 ransomware They will disable your account once it ready for withdrawal I tried to withdraw my funds but it’s not as impossible so I had to seek the help of this website who has also help a lot of traders get their funds back
Jan 15, 2022 blackmail scam had the same message as others just hoping no one falls for this scam 😔
Jan 14, 2022 sextortion they claim to have hacked my device and have gained access to my camera/microphone/etc and that they have videos of me masturbating that they will send to my friends, family and it on social media and they ask me to send $2000 btc to their wallet address after sending it they keep on asking for more and more money A friend of mine introduced me to and they recover all the btc I sent to them back to me
Jan 14, 2022 blackmail scam I lost over £54,000 however I was able to recover and reclaim all my lost money easily through an online recovery platform called ... If you are a victim too you are required to urgently contact to track, trace, reclaim and recover all your lost money as soon as possible., The recovery process is easy and fast. Contact them right away to recover and reclaim all your lost money
Jan 14, 2022 blackmail scam The email; Unfortunately, I have some bad news for you.Several months ago, I got access to the device you are using to browse the internet.Since that time, I have been monitoring your internet activity. Being a regular visitor of adult websites, I can confirm that it is you who is responsible for this.To keep it simple, the websites you visited provided me with access to your data. I have uploaded a Trojan horse on the driver basis that updates its signature several times per day, to make it impossible for antivirus to detect it. Additionally, it gives me access to your camera and microphone.Moreover, I have backed-up all the data, including photos, social media, chats and contacts.
Jan 14, 2022 ransomware Ransomware