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Dec 2, 2019 blackmail scam Amber Cards Please check this youtube video how they are hacking money of others from the card /watch?v=k5xfeASdvlw . In the Video you can see this guy asking you to contact via email . When you email him he will provide you a bit coin address where you need to deposit money then he will supply you hacked credit cards by which you can withdraw money from $1000 - $10000 of other money . But once you pay the bitcoin he will never send you anything . Like this way he is cheating and Scamming people .This is bitcoin address : 1GQxeEpwYaqN2nQW81jmQToj9Cq4q3aBSPYes, you can buy ATM cards with pin and cash out from ATM or shop with them. [email protected] As the offer is illegal so no one can take legal step against it . Like this he will cheat people . So beware and never fall in this trap anybody
Nov 27, 2019 other [email protected] Dude is a scammer. Has a youtube video with his email, once you contact him he sends you a price list. If you send him bitcoin he immediately tells you you didnt send enough due to delivery fee to your country, both he forgot and you never asked is his excuse. Then when asking for a refund he says he has no refund policy. People like him are scum of the earth. Hes got one other complaint as well, dont fool yourself. It's too good to be true.