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Date Abuse Type Description
Jan 26, 2023 blackmail scam Remember the time you were asked to download some software to secure your device? Well, at that moment your device was infected. Having full access to your device, while looking over your browser history I noticed that you watch adult movies quite often. I should mention you have good taste. That's when I had the brilliant idea of recording you having fun. (By the way... This software allowed me to access your camera and microphone) Having that recording I decided to put the content you were watching in a corner. Imagine how beautiful it came out. Ohh I almost forgot to mention that I also downloaded your contact list. If you don't want this video to reach all your family members and friends you'd better send me 1000 GBP worth of bitcoin. My bitcoin wallet is: 1AKRggn8dmS7FHedSZEVVBGDYCDuxURXo3 The easiest way to purchase bitcoin is by visiting or If you want me to prove I'm not lying, reply to this message and the first 10 contacts on your list will receive a link to recording. By the way... You have 48 hours from the time you open this message. This message also contains a timer that starts counting down as soon as you read it. Time is running out... Tick tock Tick tock From the moment I receive the reward I will delete the recording and you will never hear from me again.
Jan 26, 2023 blackmail scam bitcoin extortion scam
Jan 26, 2023 ransomware Blackmail saying they’ll send out a video if I don’t send bitcoins
Jan 26, 2023 blackmail scam Demading money blackmail
Jan 26, 2023 blackmail scam Demanding BTC in return for not sharing embarrassing images allegedly obtained by infecting my device - "Some time ago your device was infected with my private trojan, R.A.T (Remote Administration Tool), if you want to find out more about it simply use Google."
Jan 26, 2023 ransomware Good work deserves recommendation... i lost over 2.3 BTC on Instagram bitcoin scam.. Right about 2 weeks after my ordeal with them I tried using the recommendation from someone on one of the comment section ( I was able to get all my money back in less than 48 hours.. Contact ( to recover all your stolen bitcoins free of charge
Jan 25, 2023 sextortion Hello XXXXXX ! Unfortunately, there are some bad news for you. Some time ago your device was infected with my private trojan, R.A.T (Remote Administration Tool), if you want to find out more about it simply use Google. My trojan allows me to access your camera and microphone and even to your current and old addresses (XXXXXXXXXXX) You truly enjoy checking out porn websites and watching dirty videos, while having a lot of kinky fun. I RECORDED YOU (through your camera) SATISFYING YOURSELF! If you still doubt my serious intentions, it only takes couple mouse clicks to share the video of you with your friends, relatives, all email contacts and on social networks. All you need is 2000 GBP in Bitcoin (BTC) transfer to my account (Bitcoin equivalent based on exchange rate during your transfer). After the transaction is successful, I will proceed to delete everything without delay. Afterwards, we can pretend that we have never met before. In addition, I assure you that all the harmful software will be deleted from your device. Be sure, I keep my promises! If you are unaware how to buy and send Bitcoin (BTC) - Google: Where to buy Bitcoin (BTC), to send and receive Bitcoin (BTC), you can register your wallet for example here: or simply visit one of this websites or or My Bitcoin (BTC) address is: 1AKRggn8dmS7FHedSZEVVBGDYCDuxURXo3 Yes, that's how the address looks like, copy and paste my address, it's (cAsE-sEnSEtiVE). You are given not more than 48 hours after you have opened this email (2 days to be precise). Everything will be carried out based on fairness! An advice from me - regularly change all your passwords to your accounts and update your device with newest security patches.
Jan 25, 2023 sextortion Same as the others: claims they have videos of me watching porn…
Jan 25, 2023 sextortion Same as others. Name address and that I’m looking at porn websites. Absolute chancers. Obv got a database full of people’s email address and fancy their chances of fooling some unsuspecting person. Get a job you little scummers
Jan 25, 2023 sextortion Says video of me performing sex acts will be released unless l pay £2000