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Latest ReportWed, 22 May 19 18:32:47 +0000
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Date Abuse Type Abuser Description
May 22, 2019 blackmail scam [email protected] Somewhat weird try. The attacker did not get my password right, but close. I have no web camera on this PC, no compromising material or data. The abuser claims that he/she backed up my PC and if I do not pay my PC will be locked and the compromising content will go public: "If I do not receive from you the specified amount, then your device will be locked, and all your contacts will receive a screenshots with your "enjoys".
May 16, 2019 ransomware [email protected] Has my email and some old PW and claims he has access to my everything: "I also have access to all your contacts and all your correspondence from e-mail and messangers." "I made a video showing how you satisfy yourself in the left half of the screen, and in the right half you see the video that you watched." blah blah. not really credible since there is only generic information in the email.
May 15, 2019 sextortion [email protected] Claims to have pictures of me nude on a computer that doesn't have a webcam. Checkmate, I guess.
May 13, 2019 blackmail scam [email protected] Fucker claim hack my email
May 11, 2019 blackmail scam [email protected] claims to have taken over my camera and recorded me mast*****ing, threatens to send this to all my contacts
May 9, 2019 ransomware [email protected] Sent an email saying my router was hacked and is asking for Bitcoin.
May 8, 2019 blackmail scam [email protected] Claiming to have hacked the device thus getting acces to data and sensors/actors like the camera. Threatening to reveal personal information ,e.g. embarrassing pictures and visited websites, to friends, family and collegues of the victim. Asking for 628$ to be transferred in Bitcoin to this wallet to keep silent.
May 8, 2019 blackmail scam [email protected] Story about how they hacked the router, asking for bitcoin only payment and etc...
May 7, 2019 blackmail scam [email protected] (spoofed) Same old shit - hacked the router blah blah blah...