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Date Abuse Type Abuser Description
May 29, 2020 ransomware [email protected] Claimed that his software had obtained all of my contacts and files. Want me to pay him 500 (USD) within the next 46 hours. TAKE NOTE: Do not listen to him, and DON'T follow his instructions.
Apr 4, 2020 blackmail scam "Hacker" Claimed to have blackmail of me watching porn and demanded $500
Mar 25, 2020 sextortion [email protected] Wants $500, hacked my laptop and recorded me while i was watching adult videos. I don't watch adult videos on my laptop.......
Mar 15, 2020 ransomware [email protected] got blackmailing email from [email protected]
Feb 27, 2020 sextortion [email protected] Same as the rest
Feb 26, 2020 blackmail scam [email protected] same as the rest
Feb 26, 2020 sextortion Hacker Cette personne m’a gentiment envoyer un mail pour me prévenir qu’il me piratais ma webcam pour collecter des images et vidéos mais aussi mes donnés, mot de passe etc
Feb 22, 2020 sextortion [email protected] The abuser requested $500 just to delete the porn video if not he will spread to other people.
Feb 21, 2020 sextortion [email protected] Tratando de extorcionarme diciendo que he entrado a sitios indebidos.
Feb 17, 2020 sextortion hacker literally the same as everyone else, he said that he had a video of me "having fun" on a porn site and even joked about me "having good taste". Said it was to be send to 6 contacts if i didnt send him 500 usd by bitcoin. HAHAHAH my dude, even if it was true, there´s hardly anything that scares me less than my family and friends finding out i watch porn. It's 2020, everyone has a dirty mind and do not give a flying fuck about someone beating their meat to a video. Please stop watching netflix and go to school... or at least investigate a little in order to understand why the porn situation in black mirror was so dense. These ignorant wannabe hackers are sickening