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Date Abuse Type Abuser Description
Jan 18, 2020 blackmail scam [email protected] Asked for $500 or will send out video of me
Jan 18, 2020 sextortion [email protected] Claims to have "hacked a porn site" and has screenshots of me "having fun". Email body was written to avoid spam filter (message text mixed with micro text).
Jan 18, 2020 sextortion "Hacker" with an alpha instead of 'a' claims to have hacked pc with evidence of my porn site + webcam image and asks for $500.
Jan 18, 2020 blackmail scam [email protected] This person claimed to have hacked my email account through porn sites.... they also want $500 USD transfered through Bitcoin. They most likely got my email and others through data breaches such as in my and ~2mill others case The september 21st 2019 data breach of
Jan 18, 2020 blackmail scam [email protected] ask me for $500...and even record me screen and webcam
Jan 18, 2020 ransomware Hacker ([email protected]) This hacker threats the victims that he will send embarrassing stuff (involved with the victim's webcam and some obscure adult vids) to all the victim's email contacts. According to my knowledge, many victims don't even have a webcam on there device. Obviously, this is a typical scam, this hacker just spam the threat to us, waiting for someone fall for his trap.
Jan 18, 2020 sextortion Ransom I received an email saying that I was being recorded in some way through my phone but whomever hacked my phone wants ransom money.
Jan 18, 2020 blackmail scam [email protected] Asking for 500$
Jan 18, 2020 sextortion [email protected] They are extorting
Jan 17, 2020 sextortion Email Asking for 500$ for opening adults sites that I never did lol