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May 22, 2020 sextortion 1(323)792-2358 Dane, I know, dalizzarosa, is your pass word. I need your complete attention for the upcoming 24 hrs, or I will make sure you that you live out of embarrassment for the rest of your existence. I know a lot of things about you. All of your facebook contact list, phone contacts as well as all the digital activity from past 136 days. My malware was activated in your device which ended up saving a lovely video footage while you were masturbating by activating your camera. I have the whole recording. If, perhaps you feel I am playing around, simply reply proof and I will be forwarding the recording randomly to 12 people you recognize. Will you be able to look into anyone's eyes again after it? I question that... I want to make you a one time, no negotiable offer. Buy USD 3000 in BTC and send it to this address = 1BjirFUcmbV7g5ngprTvHuQjQtEfmd3RwF (copy-paste-it) (If you don't understand how, look online how to acquire BTC. Do not waste my important time). Immediately after you pay this 'donation' (we will call it that?), I will go away and under no circumstances get in touch with you again. I will erase everything I have concerning you. You may very well continue living your normal day to day life with absolutely no concerns. You've 1 day to do so.