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Mar 15, 2019 blackmail scam [email protected] Hi there. Hope you do not really mind my language sentence structure, considering that im from Germany. I contaminated your gadget with a virus and now have all your private information out of your os. It was set up on an adult site after which you have chosen the online video, it, my software instantly gain access to your computer. Then simply, your web-camera recorded you wank, additionally i captured a footage that you have seen. Immediately after a while additionally, it pulled out all your device contact info. If you ever want me to wipe off your everything i have got - transmit me 1100 us in btc its a crypto. This is my account number : 1C8xrQbAHeqiuoVHDJTn88aKokjLDRFTFR Now you have 26hrs. to decide The moment i will get the deal i am going to wipe out this evidence and every thing completely. Otherwise, you should be sure this evidence will be forwarded to all of your buddies.
Mar 10, 2019 blackmail scam [email protected], Asking for $4100 !!!!! Reported to the police.
Feb 8, 2019 blackmail scam unknown currently Wish you actually will not care about my english sentence structure, considering that i am from Denmark. I toxified your gadget with a malware and im in possession of all of your private data out of your operating system. It previously was set up on a mature web site then you've picked the video, it, my software immediately got into your computer. Then simply, your cam started to record you playing with your stuff, also i documented a footage that you have looked at. $570 in BTC
Feb 8, 2019 ransomware Sophie <[email protected]> Soon after a short while in addition, it picked up your device contacts. If you would like me to clear off your everything i possess - send me 800 us in btc it's a cryptocurrency. It's my btc wallet transfer address : 1C8xrQbAHeqiuoVHDJTn88aKokjLDRFTFR At this moment you will have 25hours. to produce a decision Immediately after i will get the transfer i am going to eliminate this movie and everything thoroughly. Otherwise, please remember that this footage is going to be submitted to your friends. Do Not Reply to This Email
Feb 7, 2019 blackmail scam Claim of trojan ware and ransom demand Hello there, I hope u will not really mind my english sentence structure, since i'm from Denmark. I toxified your gadget with a malware and im in possession of your private info out of your operating-system. It previously was installed on a mature internet page after which you have picked the movie, it, my application quickly got into your computer. Afterward, your webcam captured you soloing, on top of that i captured a vid that you have looked at.