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Mar 3, 2019 sextortion [email protected] Well, i actually placed a software on the adult streaming (sexually graphic) website and there's more, you visited this web site to experience fun (you know what i mean). When you were watching videos, your browser started working as a RDP with a keylogger which provided me access to your display and web cam. after that, my software collected every one of your contacts from your Messenger, FB, as well as email . after that i made a video. First part shows the video you were viewing (you've got a good taste hahah), and second part shows the view of your web camera, and it is u. etcetc Nonsense that works on idiots.
Mar 2, 2019 sextortion 1ELzee2T9Wd5YPTYhWbWD3xK7xB5tJ94J4 The owner of that BTC adress is an idiot & fraud. Mid finger to u from Russia :) "There are 2 choices. Why dont we look at each of these solutions in particulars: 1st option is to just ignore this email. in that case, i will send out your actual video recording to just about all of your personal contacts and thus just consider regarding the shame that you receive. Not to forget if you happen to be in a loving relationship, how this will affect? in the second place alternative would be to give me $987. Lets regard it as a donation. as a consequence, i most certainly will straightaway remove your video. You will continue on with your life like this never occurred and you are never going to hear back again from me. You'll make the payment by Bi‌tco‌in (if you do not know this, search for 'how to buy b‌itcoi‌n' in Google search engine). B‌T‌C‌ ad‌dre‌ss: 1ELzee2T9Wd5YPTYhWbWD3xK7xB5tJ94J4"
Mar 2, 2019 blackmail scam [email protected] Almost identical to most others! Except scammer asked for $978!!
Mar 2, 2019 sextortion 1ELzee2T9Wd5YPTYhWbWD3xK7xB5tJ94J4 says they have my password and that will leak videos, want me to send bitcoin
Mar 2, 2019 sextortion [email protected] Same as the rest
Mar 1, 2019 blackmail scam 1ELzee2T9Wd5YPTYhWbWD3xK7xB5tJ94J4 Says that i need to pay 878$ to him and says that he has some webcam footage of me jerking off? Clearly he doesn't have it cause i don't even have a webcam hehehe
Mar 1, 2019 sextortion [email protected] blackmail email
Feb 28, 2019 blackmail scam [email protected] same as the rest
Feb 28, 2019 sextortion 1ELzee2T9Wd5YPTYhWbWD3xK7xB5tJ94J4 Lets get directly to the point. There is no one who has compensated me to check you. You don't know me and you're probably thinking why you're getting this email?
Feb 28, 2019 sextortion [email protected] )...) is one of your passwords. Lets get right to purpose. There is no one who has paid me to investigate you. You do not know me and you are most likely thinking why you are getting this e mail?