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Date Abuse Type Abuser Description
Mar 24, 2019 ransomware gosc oil it! I have a camera hidden all the time and an idiot claims hehehe recorded me
Mar 24, 2019 sextortion [email protected] the sender asked for 976 USD, if I don't transfer him the money, he'll send my private videos and photos to my contacts.
Mar 21, 2019 ransomware gosc And what dick do not have any film from the covered camera yet? Give me him ┌∩┐(◣.◢)┌∩┐
Mar 19, 2019 ransomware some desperate Mooslem Your password is blah blah blah, I send video blah blah blah allahu akbar blah blah blah I rape livestock bla bla blah...
Mar 19, 2019 ransomware gosc A stupid prick of what she sent emails with extortion
Mar 18, 2019 ransomware [email protected] extortion same as the rest
Mar 18, 2019 blackmail scam vozuwigy black mail
Mar 18, 2019 sextortion [email protected] Same as everyone is describing here. Blackmail attempt.
Mar 18, 2019 sextortion [email protected] Asking for money to eliminate supposed videos. "xxxxx is one of your pass. Lets get straight to the point. No one has paid me to investigate you. You may not know me and you are probably thinking why you are getting this e-mail?" "Well, i actually placed a malware on the 18+ video clips (porn) web-site and you know what, you visited this website to have fun (you know what i mean). When you were viewing video clips, your browser began operating as a Remote Desktop that has a key logger which gave me accessibility to your display and also webcam. immediately after that, my software program gathered your entire contacts from your Messenger, social networks, as well as email . Next i created a double video. First part shows the video you were viewing (you've got a fine taste hehe), and next part displays the view of your webcam, yeah its u."
Mar 17, 2019 sextortion [email protected] Asks for money to erase sex video