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Date Abuse Type Abuser Description
Mar 3, 2019 ransomware not known keep getting these emails for the past 3 months. says he has pictures of me viewing porn web sites through my web cam. I do'nt have a web cam! YOU DO'NT GET A PENNY FROM ME!
Mar 3, 2019 blackmail scam 1EiJMyvw2NP6T6vyWQ81HgUfBUVT1mqZkM 1EJcaYXy5AHuqPDSSSZ8rWiPXD5vsyfoAS, 1ELzee2T9Wd5YPTYhWbWD3xK7xB5tJ94J4, 1EiJMyvw2NP6T6vyWQ81HgUfBUVT1mqZkM - BTC frauds is a cancer! My mid finger to them! The only problem is to recover access to yours GMAIL's cuz Google can block yours accs, if ppl will be accurate & protect your mail with easy steps U will not have problems. Best regards from Russia /// "...Number two alternative would be to give me USD 899. We are going to refer to it as a donation. as a consequence, i will promptly remove your video..."
Mar 2, 2019 sextortion blackmail and extortion Keep getting emails black mail emails to pay to this bitcoin address or they will send stuff to my contacts if i don't pay this person should be found , i am a good living christian and dont do porn sites,
Mar 2, 2019 sextortion [email protected] Same as the others. i installed a software on the X video clips (sex sites) web site and do you know what, you visited this website to have fun (you know what i mean). While you were viewing video clips, your web browser started out working as a Remote Desktop with a key logger which provided me access to your screen as well as web camera. Just after that, my software obtained all of your contacts from your Messenger, Facebook, and e-mailaccount. and then i created a double-screen video. 1st part displays the video you were viewing (you have a nice taste : )), and 2nd part shows the recording of your webcam, and its you.
Mar 2, 2019 sextortion [email protected] Bitcoin payment to protect against release of personal vids to contacts.
Mar 1, 2019 blackmail scam email Threaten to release a "video" if i don't pay them
Mar 1, 2019 sextortion email it is a scam
Mar 1, 2019 ransomware [email protected] Asking for bitcoin or threatening to send files to people what he suppose to hold on me cause he’s hacked my phone
Mar 1, 2019 blackmail scam [email protected] "in fact, i actually setup a software on the 18+ streaming (pornography) website and do you know what, you visited this website to experience fun (you know what i mean). While you were watching videos, your internet browser began functioning as a RDP that has a keylogger which gave me access to your display screen and cam. after that, my software obtained your complete contacts from your Messenger, social networks, and emailaccount. Next i made a double-screen video. First part shows the video you were watching (you've got a good taste haha), and 2nd part displays the view of your cam, & it is you." Do not have webcam :)
Feb 28, 2019 ransomware B‌T‌C‌ ad‌dre‌ss 1EiJMyvw2NP6T6vyWQ81HgUfBUVT1mqZkM I believe this was carried out by as this was the only web site ive used this particular password so I can tie it down to them. They are sending threatening blackmailing spam emails out to people