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Date Abuse Type Abuser Description
Jul 24, 2019 ransomware saveyourself65 Got this old scam e-mail saying he know 1 of my old password so that I should believe him that he has hacked my computer blah blah blah. Forwarded the e-mail to the police and never pay anything. Nothing happened anyways.
Jul 24, 2019 blackmail scam saveyourself65 Dude! I've begged you to post my info on the web a long time ago. It's the 8th time I've got the same e-mail for the last 2 months. Do you really know who you have sent your e-mail to? Do you even know or able to identify who has paid you? Do you really have anything to post on the web? I will call the cops not because of the blackmail, but because of your e-mail spam
Jul 24, 2019 blackmail scam SaveYourself65 Trying to blackmail me for bitcoin because he got 1 password of mine and pretend to be able to hack my computer and recorded a lot of my personal info. After knowing me that much, and this stupid guy believe I am famous enough to care about my images. Furthermore, if this guy really get all this personal info about me, he should know that I can't afford to pay $900. Obviously, this guy actually hasn't got anything
Jul 24, 2019 ransomware [email protected] Just recently received an email from above address asking to send bitcoin as they have my email and password with video images of myself that they will send viral...idiots!!!
Jul 22, 2019 blackmail scam SaveYourself65 Got an e-mail from this guy showing one of my outdated password (haven't used it for 5+ years), why not showing a more recent password, seems that he doesn't really know much. He says he has recorded my data and will put them on the web. Not sure what kind of data. I wonder if he know my bank account password of credit card info, does he need to blackmail me for $900 bitcoin? I read some reports here and I agree what to do; i.e. I forwarded his e-mail to the police, and I will not pay.
Jul 22, 2019 ransomware Save Yourself Wow. I'm sure that I will not trust a criminal who's blackmailing me and he will delete the data if I've paid. What I'm also concern is if I should trust bitcoin ...
Jul 22, 2019 ransomware save yourself This person show up in an e-mail with an old password but nothing more he can tell about me. Means that he's either an owner of a website (so that he has a password/user e-mail list), or he got that list from a website owner; e.g. from a chucked hard drive. He will never show your real name because he can't risk the identity of the password list in case the name was a fake name (username is an info he can't verify), then the user will tell which website the list was from ... or he doesn't really have any of your data (including your name) more than just your e-mail address and 1 old password.
Jul 22, 2019 blackmail scam saveyourself If you want to blackmail someone, find the rich and famous people. I'm poor and nobody, I will rather you post my stuff on the web than paying you the $900 bitcoin that I wish I can have. You can't even tell how poor I am. Do you know anything about me from the data you've recorded, or you've actually got nothing?
Jul 22, 2019 blackmail scam save yourself Forwarded the e-mail to the police. Not sure if they will do anything. One thing I'm sure that this person will not get any bitcoin from me. If he does, it will be only trouble from the police.
Jul 22, 2019 blackmail scam saveyourself65 Never pay him anything. So far I've never seen any personal data has posted on the web by this guy. He has nothing.