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Date Abuse Type Abuser Description
Jul 20, 2019 ransomware Save Yourself Showing one of my old password to caught my attention, and then claims that he has control of my PC by putting malware because I've visited some website. Then threaten me that he has use my web cam and captured some ugly video of mine. Ask me to send $900 bitcoin or he will put the video online. One major flaw; i.e. I don't have a web cam. You need to be smart in order to be a criminal. With your intelligence, be careful that you might get caught.
Jul 20, 2019 ransomware SaveYourself49 As the other reported. Where's the video about me that you promised you will put on social media if I don't pay you bitcoin after 3 days? I want my video post, I want to be popular. You owe me my popularity, and you wish I'll pay you bit coin? I have a can of dog food to spare, but you can even have it
Jul 19, 2019 ransomware Saveyourself Same old scam that using an old password to fake able to hack my computer and blah blah blah ... begging me to give him $900 bitcoin. Yeah right. Learn some computer networking and programming skills first and really able to hack, then I'll consider giving you $1 for your effort
Jul 19, 2019 ransomware saveyourself65 I just checked my junkmail box and found that this saveyourself65 person has sent multiple to me for the last month or so. If he's really giving me 3 days, it's way passed that time period already and nothing happened. I think I'll simply ignore the guy. Anyways, the e-mail has its default inbound rule that put this guy's e-mail to my junkmail box. So, his e-mail will be automatically ignored by me.
Jul 19, 2019 ransomware Whoever but doesn't deserve anything Reading some reports. I think I can tell that this is really a scam. Someone just picked up a password list from a disposed hard drive and use this info to send people e-mail, then pretend hacked the people's PC ...but actually not able to do. I even read report of people begging this guy to post their videos, but look like it never happens. I'm sure that the simple reason is this person has nothing. Get a life man.
Jul 19, 2019 ransomware saveyourself65 Geez! Save me please! Please post those videos of mine to whatever social medias already. This is the 4th time you sent me the same e-mail in 3 weeks. If you are really monitoring, please note that I will never pay you anything. So, post those videos please! I want to see them.
Jul 19, 2019 ransomware Saveyourself Please stop this fake PC hacking blackmail thing. If you can hack, you don't need to beg me for the bitcoin, you can just login to my bank account and take whatever you need. Stop wasting people's time.
Jul 18, 2019 ransomware saveyourself65 If this person is trying to blackmail you for bitcoin, simply ignore him. Seeing so many reports to this account and imagine how big of a hard drive he will need to keep all the people's (not just those who has reported + a lot more that hasn't reported here) personal data + the videos he has recorded, this person is likely broke and not able to pay and access internet service anymore.
Jul 18, 2019 ransomware Save Yourself Wow! I can't believe this old scam still going on. I've got at least 4 of such e-mail (not sure from the same person or not, but I believe the e-mail content are the same) about able to control my PC and will put my ugly video on the internet if I don't pay them a certain amount of bitcoin. After all these years and I haven't seen my video anywhere that I'm looking forward to.
Jul 18, 2019 ransomware saveyourself65 Claims to have hacked and put (his own developed) malware on my PC and captured everything about me. Well, someone has such talent can get a software engineer job for 100k+ USD easily. Or at least will able to blackmail important people (such as the president for millions). Instead, he's begging me for $900 bitcoin. Do you think I believe it?