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Address 1FUGmcZCSEWnQQf72Fo64LeAPU1zowXxSF
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Date Abuse Type Description
Dec 10, 2018 blackmail scam I assume you noticed in the subject of this e-mail we have got one of your passwords ... Uses passwords from old LinkedIn accounts.
Dec 8, 2018 blackmail scam Transfer $830 in bitcoins to my personal bitcoin address: 1XhgtRa4QXUHk3txUbhx83Pn9crqymNZE (copy paste this, it is case sensitive). If you don't understand how exactly to buy bitcoins, search Google, it is not hard. When you opened this message a hidden pixel triggered a timer, starting now you have 8 hrs to make the financial transaction. My system started to observe for any arriving If the transaction fails to come in, your contacts, friends, family, loved ones will all receive shots and video of you "pleasuring yourself" and your personal life will take a wrong turn, on top of that your device will get locked up, even when you disconnect from the web. The timer is monitoring so you better start to do just what you need to do.
Dec 7, 2018 blackmail scam ¡Patético! I am a guy residing in a location where it is very hard to support my family members. Transfer $810 in bitcoins to my bitcoin address Anda miserable hacker vete a una ONG y que te ayuden allí antes de intentar conseguir dinero asustando al prójimo
Dec 7, 2018 ransomware i will inform you the way i got it. I have every one of your security passwords, records from your computer, your contacts and a lot more. Some time ago you went to a variety of adult sites, one of the internet sites was programmed to transfer a backdoor to your equipment. This backdoor provides us entry to your device, you can alter your passwords countless times, it wont help, the backdoor will constantly remain available. Further on in this message I am going to tell you how exactly to close that backdoor. Every now and then we additionally triggered your webcam, taped some clips and grabbed a few screenshots while you visited adult sites and "pleasured yourself" while browsing adult content. So we posses all of your passwords, your data, your contacts and very nice movies and pictures of you "providing yourself a good time observing explicit content".