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Date Abuse Type Abuser Description
Jan 14, 2021 sextortion Michael Henderson [email protected] Tried to extort my mother out fo 4009$ worth of bitcoin by showing an old pw she doesn't use anymore saying they hacked her computer and recorded her watching porn (she's 64) and if she doesn't pay they will release the video.
Jan 13, 2021 sextortion N/A Sextortion email... had a very old password of mine that i use as a throw away for random things. Claimed that they had footage of me watching porn... blah blah blah send $5k in bitcoin to the address above. Quite clearly a scam, Dont send money! just change your important account passwords! like online banking, and the passwords to your email accounts! to be on the safe side,
Jan 13, 2021 sextortion Robert Scott <[email protected]> A generic extortion message. What surprised me is that they really got one of my passwords - the one I use for low security websites - They claim they hacked my webcam and will send it to all my contacts with the desktop capture, implying i was watching a perv video, quite unlikely because I don't use webcam normally so its unplugged.
Jan 11, 2021 sextortion Thomas Moore, Email address [email protected] claiming to have one of my passwords (a really old one i never used from the roll20 leak a long time ago) and demanding i pay bitcoin or theyll send a video that doesnt exist to my Facebook friends list (i dont have facebook)