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Dec 2, 2019 other Amber Cards Please check this youtube video how they are hacking money of others from the card /watch?v=k5xfeASdvlw . In the Video you can see this guy asking you to contact via email . When you email him he will provide you a bit coin address where you need to deposit money then he will supply you hacked credit cards by which you can withdraw money from $1000 - $10000 of other money . But once you pay the bitcoin he will never send you anything . Like this way he is cheating and Scamming people .This is bitcoin address : 1GQxeEpwYaqN2nQW81jmQToj9Cq4q3aBSPYes, you can buy ATM cards with pin and cash out from ATM or shop with them. [email protected] As the offer is illegal so no one can take legal step against it . Like this he will cheat people . So beware and never fall in this trap anybody
Nov 24, 2019 other [email protected] ThisGuyishavingVideo here . .Heis simplycheating peoplewiththisFraudVideo "ATMhackcodes2019 "Heisaskingpeople tocontacthisformoredetailsto allviewers. Whenyoucontactheissendingthismessage.Yes,youcan buyATM cardswith pinandcash outfromATM orshopwith them.PRICES:USA,Canada,Australia:VisaClassic/MastercardStandard- 50$VisaGold/MastercardGold- 70$VisaPlatinum/MastercardPlatinum - 100$Visa Business/Signature/MastercardBusiness/Corporate - 150$BALANCES:USA/Canada/Australia classic $500 gold $1000platinum from$2000 business/signature from$4000 VisaInfinite from $10,000BALANCES:USA/Canada/Australiaclassic $500To sendstufftoourclientsweuseUPS,DHL orFedEx carier services.Youmust provideus fulladdresswhere to send,name,post zipcode.We willship same dayafter paymentreceived.For payment I take bitcoinonly.Deliverytakes3 days .HeisScammingin2 wayshackingpeoplescarddetailsand alsotakingmoneyfrompeopleshowing biggerhopes .Byaskingto paybitcoinonly.Heneversendanything