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Date Abuse Type Abuser Description
Apr 2, 2019 blackmail scam 1GmJSYfLTB9depThZW7qjvRGUrJjAPkpAr Received:from [] (unknown []) Return-Path:<[email protected]>
Mar 31, 2019 other Spoof Email Spoofed an email, 1000 USD in BTC, else will send adult movie watched as well as a picture of the viewer watching. Please do not send an payment to this BTC address!
Mar 31, 2019 ransomware my email 1000usd or they will release footage of me pumping the stump
Mar 27, 2019 blackmail scam mailing list: 1w1x3uyg81mknvksntr35zbyf8zufyi7iky Spam demanding $1000 in bitcoin, saying they hacked all my devices and recorded my camera feeds.
Mar 23, 2019 sextortion my email adress Request to pay 1000 euros not to sent video of me filmed on sex website
Mar 23, 2019 sextortion 1GmJSYfLTB9depThZW7qjvRGUrJjAPkpAr 1000 USD in exchange of not posting videos os me.... hahaha
Mar 20, 2019 sextortion [email protected] Want 1000€ because the typical "we hacked your computer and found webcam porn".
Mar 20, 2019 sextortion [email protected] Porn scam. Wants $1000 to NOT release video recorded from hacked porn site (can't imagine owners of said site would be too pleased to know this). Message was an image not actual text (so BT address has to be manually typed duh!). Sender/header info -,;,;
Mar 20, 2019 blackmail scam 約翰·史密斯(John Smith) Someone from Russia sent me an email and says that if I don't send 1K USD worth bitcoin to the specified bitcoin address, my dirty actions will be made to a video and it will be sent to the contacts. Of course, this person is a bagger on the Internet, and I don't have so much money with me. So just ignore the mail. Never send any bitcoin(s) to this one ※p.s. that I'm always lonely, so I don't have any contacts 有人從俄羅斯寄送了一封電子郵件給我,還說如果我不給等值一千美元的比特幣到指定位置,我不堪入目的行為會透過錄影機被製作成影像,並且將這個影像寄給我的聯絡人。當然這個人只是一個網路乞丐罷了,而且我身上並沒有這麼多錢。只要不用加以理會這封電子郵件就好了,千萬不要付款任何比特幣給這個人 ※註:我是邊緣人,所以我不會有任何的聯絡人
Mar 19, 2019 blackmail scam con[email protected] Claims to have hacked my computer, surreptitiously activated the camera and recorded me doing bad things. Wants 1000 USD to keep quiet.