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May 6, 2021 other I met an Asian girl on a dating app, after few days we decided to chat on WhatsApp. Her number is +852 55180421, I still have all our conversation. We spoke every day about normal things, she told me she was a trading advisor and after one week she proposed to me the opportunity to invest in a new crypto project (HGR token) on the platform It was the 3rd of December 2020. I have a profile on a trading platform, I am used to trading on index and forex, and I was interested in crypto, so I asked her for some information. She said the project was only for internals, but she wanted to share with me her invitation code to invest in the new token (HGR), explaining to me exactly what to do and how. I invested 200€ and after few days I tried to withdraw money, the platform worked well, everything seemed normal and I invested more money. She gave me a second invitation code, saying she preferred to change the previous code because she didn’t know if trust me or not. The HGR value was increasing every day, so I invested more money. My last investment was on the 29th of December 2020. In January I tried to withdraw 500€ and I received the money, when I tried to withdraw $30000 the transaction was refused. I asked her why, she told me to contact customer service ([email protected]), saying the platform was very formal and professional. They said they refused the transaction because the HGR project was only for internals and not for Europeans, and they asked how I got the invitation code. I explained to them the truth, they asked for a deposit ($2500) to allow me to withdraw money from my account. I was still able to access my profile. I sent the money (in Bitcoin, on the 27th of January) and they blocked my account and disappeared. The girl told me she also was not able to withdraw money because I gave her details to the website, I replied I didn’t believe her anymore and she blocked me on WhatsApp. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further details.
May 4, 2021 other In July 2020 I’ve got a phone call from a manager ( Jason hunt) from winngroups to explain the benefit to invest in their professionality in tradings. The minimum was 300€ and that was the starting pack. A few days later he said, look at your account, and there was 341€ on it. Then I’ve got a new manager (dan devies)and he convinced me to deposit more (5000€)for more profits. July 2020. I said yes, But I want a withdrawal of 300€ which I received. The next month he called 2-3 times a week to show me my profits. In September 2020 he said to deposit more to get a silver membership (10000 dollars). So another 5000€ and it went well. In October 2020 I’ve got a new manager (john bryce) and he called me once a week after trading with my account. In November 2020 he convinced me to go for a gold membership (25000 dollars). So I deposit 11000€, but there were no trading sessions more. After a few weeks, he mailed me to say he had a medical issue and now will work harder. Then he mailed me only once again to make a phone appointment, but I never heard him again. My account is still visible and I tried 2 times to withdraw money, but 2 times my request was canceled.