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Address 1HvmxVAD75uVB5UEbVG1A4zhDb7mWegsj9
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Latest ReportFri, 26 Nov 21 14:31:19 +0000
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Date Abuse Type Description
Nov 26, 2021 ransomware I lost not a small amount of money, I was deceived. Why are there only deceivers around? I am in despair, on the verge of suicide. please help how much it is not a pity. my bitcoin address is bc1q5v2qd98jhyr548xcyfngvlmtt7mzucjkgx47mq
Nov 26, 2021 blackmail scam false blackmail scam
Nov 26, 2021 sextortion Hoy recibí un correo solicitando el pago de una suma de 2 millones de wones a cambio de no publicar supuestos videos eróticos donde yo aparecía, mencionaba que tenia acceso a todos mis equipos gracias a un enlace divulgado a través de mi correo electrónico. Envió el correo electrónico a través de esta cuenta [email protected]
Nov 25, 2021 sextortion Ayer recibimos un correo solicitando el pago de una suma alta a cambio de no publicar supuestos videos eroticos donde aparecia, mencionaba que tenia acceso a todos mis equipos gracias a un enlace divulgado a traves de mi correo electronico. Envio mensaje a traves de esta cuenta [email protected]
Nov 25, 2021 bitcoin tumbler The Crypto Currency Authorities should monitor every Brokers and Account Managers activities, I lost over $530,000 to unregulated Brokers who convinced me into investing my capital. After some successful trade and my profit increased I made a withdrawal request but surprisingly all my withdrawal request was declined , I contacted their customer service unit but i was not given a meaningful Reason why my request was declined. I tried all I could to withdraw my fund but no solution , at the end I lost all my capital without a single profit return. In search for help on how to get my money back I was directed to contact Mr Gary who works with COINWALLETRECOUP DTcm as their Head of Recovery Affairs, I contacted him and explained my situation to him , he requested for some details about the broker and concerning my investment, I forwarded all the details to him. It was all like a dream , through him I was able to get back all my money , please don’t sit back and cry when you facing difficulties in withdrawing your profit or you totally lost your funds to any Broker or Account Manager , kindly contact Mr Gary with his number or their website COINWALLETRECOUP DTcm I assure you a successful recovery of your funds. Call , Text, WhatsApp : +1 920 445 8859.
Nov 25, 2021 blackmail scam 해커들로부터 이메일주소에 접속할 수 있는 권한을 산 후 이용한 모든 기기의 운영체제에 트로이 목마 바이러스를 설치하고 정보를 다운 받았고, 포르노를 즐기는걸 종하하는 걸 알고 관련 영상과 자위 장면을 녹화하는데 성공했다고 하며 2백만원 상당의 비트코인 요구 48시간 이내 송금이 안되면 지인들한테 영상을 유포하겠다고 협박
Nov 24, 2021 sextortion Korean Content - standard sextorsion email
Nov 24, 2021 ransomware Sexual Black mail
Nov 24, 2021 blackmail scam Thanks everyone for this site, because I really start trembling when I found email with this scam!
Nov 24, 2021 ransomware I am a victim too... I lost $12,800 however i was able to recover all my lost money $12,800 in full through the help of an online recovery agency (www,mycryptoreclaim,com). Please if you are a victim of online scam quickly contact (www,mycryptoreclaim,com) to recover all your lost money easily