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Dec 9, 2019 blackmail scam Your account is infected! Modify the password right now! You do not know me me and you are most likely wanting to know why you are getting this e-mail, proper? I'mhacker who exploitedyour emailand devicesa few months ago. It will be a time wasting to make an attempt to communicate with me or alternatively find me, in fact it's impossible, considering that I directed you a letter using YOUR hacked account.
Mar 7, 2019 ransomware Your account has been infected! I'm a hacker who cracked your email and digital devices not so long ago.I started malware to the adult videos (porn) website.When you have been paying attention to vids, your browser began to act as a RDP (Remote Control) that have a keylogger that gave me access to your screen and web camera. Next step, my software programobtainedall data.I got a backup of your system. I created a dual-screen record. The 1st section demonstrates the clip you had been observing, and the second screen presents the video from your own camera. What actually do you have to do? Good, I think, 1000 USD is basically a fair price for this small riddle. You'll make the payment by bitcoins. My bitcoin wallet address: 1FcCacS5pebEKMR6wtz7k98JEqbhfhCkDw Attention: You have only 2 days in order to make the payment. In case I fail to get bitcoins, I shall undoubtedly direct your recording to all your contacts, along with family members, colleagues, and many more?
Feb 25, 2019 ransomware I compiled a reserve copy of your device. Of each file and personal contacts. I got a dual-screen video. The 1st part shows the film you were watching (you've got a good preferences, huh...), the 2nd screen demonstrates the tape from your webcam. What exactly must you do? So, I believe, 1000 USD will be a good amount of money for this very little secret. You'll make your payment by bitcoins (in case you don't recognize this, search “how to purchase bitcoin” in Google). My bitcoin wallet address: 13Y3nPW5fu2btSjEZdUCuV8bR86fJfaKFK (It is cAsE sensitive, so copy and paste it). Warning: You have only 48 hours in order to make the payment. To trackthe reading of a messageand the actionsinside it, I set upa Facebook pixel. Thanks to them. In the event I fail to get bitcoins, I shall immediately offer your recording to all your contacts, such as relatives, colleagues, etc?
Feb 21, 2019 blackmail scam split screen porn scam for bitcoin
Feb 20, 2019 blackmail scam I build in malware on the adult videos (porno) site and guess that you watched this site to have fun (think you understand what I really mean).
Feb 19, 2019 ransomware Threatens account and passwords have been hacked as well as sensitive video of pornographic site visits.
Feb 19, 2019 ransomware Claims to have hacked your computer and will send vids to all your contacts. Have at it.
Feb 18, 2019 blackmail scam This account was infected! Change your password right this moment! You do not heard about me and you may be most probably wanting to know why you're receiving this letter, right? I'mhacker who openedyour emailand systema few months ago. (etc)
Feb 18, 2019 blackmail scam Scam, trying to get 1000 USD for "taking over" the computer and threatening to send video's to all colleagues, friends, relatives....
Feb 18, 2019 ransomware This is the headers of the E-mail, I cut off some of the nearest mail servers Received: from ( by ( with Microsoft SMTP Server (version=TLS1_2, cipher=TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA) id 15.20.1580.10 via Frontend Transport; Mon, 18 Feb 2019 00:55:32 +0000 Received: from unknown (HELO ? [email protected]@ by with ESMTPA; 18 Feb 2019 00:55:30 -0000 To: <DELETED:my e-mail address> X-Complaints-To: [email protected] X-Sender-Info: [email protected] Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2019 01:55:30 +0100 List-Help: [email protected] List-ID:> From: <DELETED:my e-mail address> Return-Path: [email protected]