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Address 1L15W6b9vkxV81xW5HDtmMBycrdiettHEL
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Date Abuse Type Description
Jan 9, 2023 darknet market Exchang for terrorists, scammer, money launderers and drug dealers
Jan 9, 2023 darknet market I'm a former employee of this exchange, they are supporting and helping terrorists with transactions who are doing a huge investment in terrorism and preparing for terrorattacks. Kindly avoid using and any kind of dealing with this exchange. Its highly recommended.
Jan 9, 2023 darknet market Paid out scammed funds repported by law enforcement without checking historic. U exchange of criminals
Jan 9, 2023 ransomware Good work deserves recommendation... i lost over 2.3 BTC on Instagram bitcoin scam.. Right about 2 weeks after my ordeal with them I tried using the recommendation from someone on one of the comment section ( I was able to get all my money back in less than 48 hours.. Contact ( to recover all your stolen bitcoins free of charge
Jan 8, 2023 darknet market If u are a scammer, a money launderer or a terrorist u are most welcome to use our services. We assure u secure transactions with safety for a little bit higher charges.
Jan 8, 2023 other This exchange is of one of the most criminal amd blacklisted for providing services to terorrists and money launderers.
Jan 8, 2023 other Sharing my personal experience here. If u are a terrorist, scammer, criminal, drug dealer or a blackmailer then u can use this exchange safely. They are out there to help u, they assure u and provide u all services regarding u transactions. Regard 36xsmTAbsjm7N9tjn4NotFTwzpckkkWPZS
Jan 8, 2023 darknet market Paid out scammed funds repported by law enforcement without checking historic. Fucking exchange of criminals. 36xsmTAbsjm7N9tjn4NotFTwzpckkkWPZS 3KDdZudr1vurDe8Hss2wUsTipKnrD1UbMh 3AMrPnKaQ8DtBJTeVrqH1TzKi3oFv4Wwib bc1q7rppg4qzm4h3p8dgvtu63lxk6wzrna4lxsjlf5 bc1q6agcny78pv3jv0qu07ggf9splm5ftnrhc7u5w7
Jan 8, 2023 darknet market a large number of terrorists use this exchange frequently. Dont feel hasitation if u are a scammer, terrorist or blackmailer just use this exchange with confidence. They only need higher charges from u
Jan 8, 2023 bitcoin tumbler I lost my money to an online scammer last month through crypto currency Bitcoin transactions, I tried all I could to get the money back at a point i came across a crypto recovery expert agency. Visit: ( an agency helping a lot of people in getting back their funds, I got in contact with them and I provided all information they needed for the recovery, within 48hours they got back my money, I confirmed the payment in my wallet account. Please if you are a victim of online scam quickly contact them to recover all your lost money easily.