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Address 1L1xSXttdsBAPVjVfyoyCg3RZbdHinT5G5
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Sep 14, 2021 ransomware I am a victim too... I lost $2,800 however i was able to recover all my lost money $2,800 in full through the help of an online recovery agency (www,fundsrecovery,online). Please if you are a victim of online scam quickly contact (www,fundsrecovery,online) to recover all your lost money easily
Sep 13, 2021 other There was an offer on Facebook of autotrading in crypto. They said it only requires 250€, so I made an account and deposited the money. Then Wesley Aaron Mitchell called me said he said he`s a financial advisor, then we had a long conversation where he told me how to invest and where. He explained they operated as a cryptobank, as it was an increasingly efficient way to manage investments through USDT. Convertible to both crypto and USD, so you could go against crypto investments if it was appropriate. Then I agreed with a contract of $55000 to be able to participate and have the best conditions. Then they told me that Tesla's contracts are a great demand, and for the contract for these was $150.000, I decided to agree with this contract and paid $78721. Also, this trade made a good profit. Then they told me to invest in BTC and they offered me a contract and they gave me a margin loan of 15K so I could participate, but this loan has to be paid back as soon as possible, so with the margin loan, I deposited $40039. Then I received some money back from them, which gave me more confidence in the company. Then they introduced me to an IPO program which background was good, for this the agreement was promising a well-organized and protected by insurance against losses of up to 5%. My investment was $500.000 and my capital reached $37500. Then I deposited more money for more trades and my capital was about $520000. When all my trading was done, I asked for a withdraw, they told me I have to repay the margin loan of $200000 which was given to Hedging. Then they told me I have to pay a tax of $218000, when I paid for this, they again sent me a bill of $56023 which I didn’t accept to pay. I`m still in communication with them and have my account open with them but I still couldn`t withdraw my money.
Sep 9, 2021 other I received a call from Brandom Muller from a trading company called dc market. He said it only cost $200 and I can start making money with them. After I deposited the money, he called me and said this 200 was only a registration fee and I should transfer more, so I agreed with a few thousand. He then logged into my computer via Anydesk, so he had access to my computer and placed the trades. Then he said he won't be here for a couple of days but my account will be fine, a few days later I saw my account going into the red and I started to lose money. Then I contacted them via email in 15 minutes and a manager called me said this should not happen and my trader made a mistake and so he took over my account and recovered all the loss and made me a big profit, but I didn’t have more money to invest. He said if I would invest more money he would make me VIP and I would have Gap events and best spreads, so I agreed with it. Then in a couple of weeks my account kept losing again, I called my manager and he started to blame the markets and me, he again asked for more money to fic the account. I said no so he started to threaten me via email that he would destroy my account. He did this 2 times and the 3rd time I closed my account. I have lost with them £76.600.
Aug 23, 2021 ransomware I was looking for a trading platform and sign up on the website, after this I received a cold call from a person named Emily, she said she was from a trading company called She said it would only cost $250-500 USD and I could start making money with them. I agreed this was on the date 29th of March. So, the next day she called me and explained that the $5000 was only the registration fee and I would need to transfer more money. I agreed to a few thousand and we started trading. He would log into my computer via Any desk so she had access to my computer and placed the trades, the first few weeks everything seemed fine my profits seemed to be going up and up. They showed me my balance etc. After she started asking for more money, if I will not deposit then they will close my account. I said that I don’t have money to deposit and she close my account. Then she asks me to pay 8800USD. Then if you want to get your money back you need to pay again and they still keep asking me for more money to deposit.
Aug 13, 2021 other I visited Turbomillion`s website I tried to deposit money but since I didn’t have an account I couldn`t do it, so Ashley Brits gave me a call and helped me to make an account. The minimum fee to open an account is 250€, she said they`ll give me a bonus so I should deposit only 247€, so I did. Then Noah White contacted me said in order to be my personal financial adviser I have to have 1000€ on my account, because I didn’t have any experience, I deposited the remaining 750€ money. My account started to grow and he said in order to make more money I should deposit more, so I did 2000€ with his help through AnyDesk. Then he said if I put 3000€ I can get insurance, so I did. Days later my account was growing so he let me withdraw 500€. Then Noah suddenly disappeared and I didn’t hear from him, I even wrote to support as well. Ryan Serhat connected me said he`s the Head of the Trading department, said from now on he`s going to help me. I trusted him since on the internet I couldn`t find anything bad about him. He said to invests in BTC since its price is low, I asked him if we can invest from my account since I have a good profit. He said it`s a part of portfolio it other people, so he pushed me to take a loan of 10000€and until I don`t receive it he can land me the money, so I did like this way. He altogether took 15500€ from my bank account. When I asked him for a withdraw, he said he has to travel to the US. He called me from his personal number and said he really wants to help me and I shouldn`t inform the company about our conversations. He said if I put my golds in a certain account, he`s using I can grow much more money. Then I sold my gold and opened an account where he took 22680€. Then Turbomillion contacted me and said they closed my account, Ryan said he`ll contact the company by himself. He said that the money was in clearance and his accounting could not transfer the money to my account. He is still in touch with me on the same phone number.
Jun 29, 2021 other There was an advertisement about the company called Paragontrade on Instagram. Said if I invest 250$ I could make good profits, so I deposited. A woman called me and introduced the company and gave me a code which I could connect to a trader about my investment. Mark called me and said he`s a trader, and with his help, I can have big profits but for that, I should deposit more. A couple of days later my capital from 2500€ went to 500€, and I thought I`ll invest more than 600€. No one told me if I want to withdraw my money, I have to have liquidity. After I deposited Mark pushed me to send more money. I borrowed 14000€ from my family and deposited it. My account was growing rapidly, and in April, I asked him to send me money but he never answers me. End of April I realized my account has gone, I contacted him but he didn’t answer. All the conversation with him was through Viber. I sent him a message that I find the amount for my liquidity, and he immediately contacted me and continued our cooperation. He said the website changed to Hackford. I wanted to withdraw my money so I started to push him to let me withdraw, but he always found excuses why not to. I asked him to contact the supervisor and a man called Tom contacted me and pressured me to send 14000€ as liquidity. I didn’t agree with it. I found some excuses to make it longer in order to not lose my account and the connection. They still didn’t give me my money back.
Jun 15, 2021 ransomware I saw an advertisement on the internet about only business, after a couple of days I got calls from different people from Then I started with 250€, but people were managing my account since I had no experience. A lady Laura Alison kept calling me when to buy and sell. Then she told me to buy BTC since it's easier to trade with, and the more I buy the more bonus I’ll receive from the company. So, I bought 14250€ worth BTC, but a few days later she put it into trading without my concern. She then kept pushing me to put more money, which I didn’t want to. I wanted to withdraw but she refused, said I have to earn more money. I put 7500€ and asked her to buy stocks but she again put into trading, few days later it went into a big minus which I wanted to close but laura said I shouldn`t and the company to not lose my account and keep the trading open, will lend me 10000€. The next day I earned all the money back so I told her to take from my account the 10000€, but she refused and said I cannot withdraw until I pay that money back. That didn’t sound right to me so I made my research of the company and realized I have been scammed. I closed my tradings and Laura kept calling me for the money, which I still refused to pay. I still have $20000 in my account, which I cannot withdraw.
Feb 11, 2021 other As seen in previous reports. They now work under the name:
Jun 13, 2020 bitcoin tumbler Luxistrade scammers online criminals stealing money from people! Let stop fraud online and make internet world more clear and safer!
Jun 13, 2020 other I’m victim of trading company Luxistrade, I sent them bitcoins by transactions and they never send back my money as they promised. I have all proof of transactions. At this moment and are on Hold Client status after my report to server owner. Please mark this bitcoin wallet as online criminals.