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Feb 23, 2019 ransomware from unknown ( Number two alternative will be to compensate me $8??. Let us refer to it as a donation. Then, i most certainly will immediately delete your video. You will carry on your daily life like this never took place and you surely will never hear back again from me. You'll make the payment through Bi‌tco‌in
Feb 23, 2019 blackmail scam No se Chantajea con enviar un vídeo a mis contactos donde miro porno, no me importa pero quisiera joder a ese cabrón
Feb 23, 2019 blackmail scam [email protected] unknown ( by with ESMTP The jerk offs are making up for the Monday holiday!
Feb 23, 2019 blackmail scam [email protected] Black mail Scam
Feb 22, 2019 blackmail scam IP [Kazakhstan], [Brazil] is your pass. Lets get right to the point. No one has paid me to check about you. You don't know me and you are probably thinking why you're getting this email?
Feb 22, 2019 blackmail scam [email protected] extortion email..
Feb 22, 2019 blackmail scam spoofed email Number two solution is to compensate me USD 969. We will name it as a donation. in this case, i most certainly will quickly remove your video. You can keep going on your life like this never took place and you will never hear back again from me. B‌T‌C‌ ad‌dre‌ss to send to: 1M3r1T2MnqRPJUgWoSZTgaTqpVQUNdkpeC if you have been curious about going to the law, okay, this e-mail can not be traced back to me. I have covered my moves. i am just not attempting to demand a huge amount, i only want to be paid for. e mail if i do not get the ‌bi‌tco‌in‌, i will certainly send out your video recording to all of your contacts including membe rs of your family, colleagues, and so forth. Having said that, if i do get paid, i will destroy the recording right away. If you really want evidence, reply Yup! and i definitely will send your video to your 8 friends. it is a nonnegotiable offer, thus do not waste my time and yours by responding to this e mail.
Feb 22, 2019 ransomware B‌T‌C‌ ad‌dre‌ss: 1M3r1T2MnqRPJUgWoSZTgaTqpVQUNdkpeC the exact same as above. porn, me wanking sending videos out, the thing is i have my cam covered by black tape.
Feb 21, 2019 blackmail scam [email protected] Claims to have old password that was exposed by a breech. Claims to have video of me watching porn obtained by installing a key logger through a comprised website. Threatened to send the video to all my fb, messenger and email contacts if i don't send $968 in bitcoin.
Feb 21, 2019 blackmail scam [email protected] Same as others, email blackmail scam.