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Date Abuse Type Description
Jun 27, 2022 sextortion SCAMMER: "Hi!" (heya asshole) SCAMMER: "Sadly, there are some bad news." (Yawn, are you going to waste my time while I mock you?) SCAMMER: "About few months ago I have gained a full access." (Ahh nope. I boot my OS from a CDROM daily - nothing is persistent) SCAMMER: "I managed to log in to your email account." (Wrong) SCAMMER" "Within one week afterwards, I installed a Trojan virus in your Operating Systems available on all devices that you utilize for logging in your email." (Hmmm Did your Trojan convince me to burn another CDROM with a virus?) SCAMMER: "To be frank, it was somewhat a very easy task." (Ok Frank, if you say so...) SCAMMER: "I know, you may be thinking now that I'm a genius." (No Frank, I am NOT thinking that you are a genius. Have you heard of the Dunning-Kruger effect?) SCAMMER: "My Trojan virus continues refreshing its signatures {... operated by driver ...} remains undetected." (LOL) SCAMMER: "Let me be frank with you." (Alrighty Frank) SCAMMER: "{I can share} all those nasty videos {...} to friends, colleagues, and relatives of yours." (Oh noooo! not that... anything but that!) SCAMMER: "I sincerely hope, you would really not prefer that to happen!" (Indeed) SCAMMER: "Don't worry, {pay me} $1290 USD {in BitCoin}." (Wow! no. You go ahead and publish those videos) SCAMMER: "{Once paid} I will proceed to delete all the filthy videos." (Must take a long time to delete) SCAMMER: "Afterwards, we can forget about this unpleasant accident." (I have already forgotten about you) SCAMMER: "Furthermore, I guarantee that all the malicious software will also be erased from your devices and accounts." (It will be like it was never installed) SCAMMER: "Mark my words, I never lie." (Frank, all you do is lie - And I don't think your real name is Frank) SCAMMER: "Things you may be confused about:" (Knowing your awesome make-believe skills, why don't you just publish one victims video. Use mine, I dare you.)
Jun 27, 2022 ransomware 555'||DBMS_PIPE.RECEIVE_MESSAGE(CHR(98)||CHR(98)||CHR(98),15)||'
Jun 27, 2022 ransomware rVznDgsd') OR 739=(SELECT 739 FROM PG_SLEEP(15))--
Jun 27, 2022 ransomware -1); waitfor delay '0:0:15' --
Jun 27, 2022 ransomware -1; waitfor delay '0:0:15' --
Jun 27, 2022 ransomware 0"XOR(if(now()=sysdate(),sleep(15),0))XOR"Z
Jun 27, 2022 ransomware -1' OR 2+309-309-1=0+0+0+1 or 'KzHhJXbL'='
Jun 27, 2022 ransomware -1 OR 3+976-976-1=0+0+0+1
Jun 27, 2022 ransomware -1 OR 2+988-988-1=0+0+0+1 --
Jun 27, 2022 sextortion Hi! Sadly, there are some bad news that you are about to hear. About few months ago I have gained a full access to all devices used by you for internet browsing. Shortly after, I started recording all internet activities done by you. Below is the sequence of events of how that happened: Earlier I purchased from hackers a unique access to diversified email accounts (at the moment, it is really easy to do using internet). ---