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Address 1N2XZZDW5ofnyok6HawSaqzjBVFH5LNr74
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Latest ReportThu, 20 Dec 18 17:40:54 +0000
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Date Abuse Type Description
Dec 8, 2018 ransomware Received an email demanding money for supposed viewing of porn. However the person who was sent the email DOES NOT LOOK AT PORN. So we know it is a scam. "I'm know that you would not like to show these screenshots to your friends, relatives or colleagues. I think $769 is a very, very small amount for my silence. Besides, I have been spying on you for so long, having spent a lot of time! Pay ONLY in Bitcoins! My BTC wallet: 1N2XZZDW5ofnyok6HawSaqzjBVFH5LNr74"
Dec 8, 2018 blackmail scam Legit Email. Fake person. Hello! I have very bad news for you. 09/08/2018 - on this day I hacked your OS and got full access to your account So, you can change the password, yes... But my malware intercepts it every time. How I made it: In the software of the router, through which you went online, was a vulnerability. I just hacked this router and placed my malicious code on it. When you went online, my trojan was installed on the OS of your device. After that, I made a full dump of your disk (I have all your address book, history of viewing sites, all files, phone numbers and addresses of all your contacts).
Dec 8, 2018 blackmail scam [...] For this payment I give you two days (48 hours). As soon as this letter is opened, the timer will work. After payment, my virus and dirty screenshots with your enjoys will be self-destruct automatically. If I do not receive from you the specified amount, then your device will be locked, and all your contacts will receive a screenshots with your "enjoys".[...]
Dec 8, 2018 ransomware Claims they hacked my operating system and is demanding $796 dollars
Dec 8, 2018 blackmail scam Sex Blackmail Sender.
Dec 7, 2018 blackmail scam Blackmail/extortion email send as spam.
Dec 7, 2018 blackmail scam Sextortion. Idiot constantly sends emails. I hope nobody falls for this crap.
Dec 7, 2018 blackmail scam Scam/blackmail spoofing emailaddress from ip-address
Dec 7, 2018 blackmail scam Same old blackmail scam wanting money to not disseminate information.
Dec 7, 2018 blackmail scam Phony blackmail attempt from spoofed e-mail address.