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Aug 13, 2021 other Trade Santa is a trading bit linked via API to your exchange. My trading was going well until the bots I build on their website didn`t want to work or open trades, it persisted till a day. I was in touch with the support via telegram, they told me I had a bug and could lose all my funds. They told me to follow their instruction and open a Binance and download a trust wallet and move all my funds. I said I would transfer my found to cold storage, they told me I would transfer the error bug with my funds to cold storage and in that case, the bots won`t work, said all my found must go to trust wallet. I followed their instructions and opened a trust wallet but I also proceed to send some of my funds to cold storage. They had a group chat on telegram as “Santa`s helpers” but they suspended me so I could only communicate with him and the CEO Pauline. They were really stubborn that I have to send my found-to-trust wallet and have to follow their instructions in order to not lose my funds. After I managed to move my funds to trust wallet I still continued to follow their instructions, they said in order to remove the bug on the bots I must transfer through trust wallet $150K, so I did but I sent it out immediately to cold wallet. . I struggled to get the trust wallet to link with binance, when they sent a link it asked for my seed phrase, so I said no. They said Santa`s helpers care and I must follow their process, so I did open the link and copy-paste the seed words, and bang, gone was my funds, immediately they blocked the communication with me. When I was not suspended from the group chat 24H later I sent a voice mail to warn other people on the group and they blocked me. I have photos of all the transaction IDs and addresses where the funds were transferred out of my trust. I was so under pressure and wasn't thinking straight. They scammed me out of $143k. I have sent them numerous emails on [email protected] with zero response.
Aug 12, 2021 darknet market After my funds were stolen they can be traced to ending up in this wallet. The same address has disbursed about $120 Million in BTC since yesterday. The same address presently shows holding 3,870BTC and $306 Tether.
Aug 12, 2021 blackmail scam Sender says he has compromised webcam footage of "Having a good time with yourself".
Aug 11, 2021 other See warning below this one... The site is Smart Hashes Bitcoin Mining (
Aug 11, 2021 other After following my transactions through blockchain, all transactions seem to funnel down to this address. Bitcoin Abuse shows this address is seen in a number of scams. Avoid this website. Note: do not put in more money than you are willing to lose. Follow a small transaction to see where it goes before trusting any site.
Aug 11, 2021 bitcoin tumbler I was scammed through Telegram. My funds were then stolen on a website offering high yield, cryptocurrency investments. The website uses a pooled trading template. The funds ended up in the same wallet. The scammers tried to get me to deposit more and said I would have to then send more BTC to make a withdrawal. The website appeared 6 weeks ago, it says a million customers have chosen them as their broker. The funds all seem to go to this same wallet address.
Aug 2, 2021 bitcoin tumbler I invested 80000 EURO in this company named FalconFXTradin. They say there are located in England. But they are somewhere in Kansas! They let you invest in their company and they trade with your money. 14 days trade. After the trade is done they let you pay 15% of the profit and you will receive 85%. But they will never pay out your 85% profit. They are scam!! This is the wallet adres where it all go to: 1NDyJtNTjmwk5xPNhjgAMu4HDHigtobu1s. It seems to be an old Binance wallet adres. Does anyone know more about this? Can anyone help me with this?
Jul 24, 2021 other Please, I am having an issue of fraud over US$86000, by Bikkex exchange based. I am a crypto currency trader, on the 15th of June, 2021 at about 05:06 am, I transferred some Bitcoin (BTC) from my Binance account to my Bikkex Account, this morning. I traded the BTC into USDT on the Bikkex exchange, and then I tried to withdraw it back into my Binance Account, but my transaction did not go through. I contacted Bikkex customer support and was told that my account has been frozen due to Arbitrage Trading, and I would need to upgrade to an institutional account by depositing and additional US$113,798. In their terms of use agreement, it clearly states that any account which is over US$50,000 is automatically qualified as an institutional account. And as you can see in the pictures, my account is clearly over US$50,000. Over the few weeks that have passed, I have done my intense research, and I have seen that Bikkex Exchange are a scam and they continue to scam many others everyday. I have been tracking all the transactions. I have done some further investigation into tracking the transactions with which I was scammed, I would love to discuss it further with you over the phone or face to face, But I would try to explain the situation as much as possible. It turns out that Bikkex Exchange is a scam exchange as a whole, and it is scammers just using a fake website with multiple IP addresses to commit fraud, and they are not really based in Hong Kong. I do not know if you know about Blockchain and crypto currencies, but basically every transaction can be traced. I have been following up with every transaction, and the scammers have been moving millions of dollars through different wallets. I have traced the transactions and the funds leads to this address: 1NDyJtNTjmwk5xPNhjgAMu4HDHigtobu1s
Jul 24, 2021 bitcoin tumbler What a big liar and thief. Do not let them fool from their scheme.
Jul 22, 2021 ransomware Malik Shazaib messaged me on telegram. He said that he got away from poverty with the help of investment made by Mark Kayl. Malik sent me the link of the Telegram group I sent Mark $100 worth of BTC (0.0033 BTC) on his address 1E7HrhuiuTBUeqtqKAxA4woyZRtneVUVFa The said amount was transferred by Mark to this address: 1CnYkBJ7hgzXdiNxefs2RsNFLi8bUjew8D Then it was finally transferred to present address: 1NDyJtNTjmwk5xPNhjgAMu4HDHigtobu1s Mark did not return my $100. He wont respond to telegram. They are a bunch of scammers! I wish Mark and Malik all the misfortunes, sickness and pain in the world! Cursed to them and their children! Cursed to their town and their country!