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Address 1NDyJtNTjmwk5xPNhjgAMu4HDHigtobu1s
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Date Abuse Type Description
Jul 20, 2021 ransomware Description July 15, 2021 ransomware Here is my transaction ( all BTC in this transaction is mine This was first step leading me here.... All my life savings are gone now. And i still have no idea HOW it`s was stolen...
Jul 17, 2021 bitcoin tumbler I entered the telegram messaging via link on facebook. They said I can get 8000$ for 300$ so I payed them 300$. After it they wanted me to pay fee of 1300$ which I managed to do with help. After it wasnt enough they wanted me to pay the fee again of 300$ which I did. Then they wanted me to install some their fake wallet app so they can transfer money there but I didnt want to install it so I tried to do it with my wallet which didnt passed, they also wanted me to give them my wallet ID and password so i tried to trick them but didnt manage to. Then they blocked me on telegram so I cant message them anymore. My payments were going to this address : 1A8tSxbb4NXB945QqbdRzuRMtc99KXss9t I searched the address on internet and see they put all their money on their main address which is : 1NDyJtNTjmwk5xPNhjgAMu4HDHigtobu1s . Pls stop them until they scam more people. I have all the evidences in screenshots if you need them. They have a lot of bots on telegram and the man in charge is Robert Johnson which goes by user name @Robert_CTO on telegram. Jane Watkins is @Jane001_Admin on telegram. They use site for their "investments" and after it all the fees goes directly on their address which i wrote before. Excuse me on my grammar. I hope you can help. Oh, and when I wanted to trick them they logged in into my wallet i created then and got their ip which was : US . if you need screenshots Ill be glad to deliver you. On the end from my pocket it was around 1000$ going to them in BTC over Binance. Here is TxID of my transactions, the other 900$ was help by someone who is also with them probably but i dont know for sure, maybe he is victim of them too, and that app they wanted me to install is probably some phising app...
Jul 12, 2021 ransomware Вымогатель
Jul 7, 2021 other I don't know how to explain it but I encountered this addrress when I was supposed to get some investement return from brighttrust inc, I send a little amount of money from another wallet to test if everything was ok with my blockchain wallet and it came from that address....
Jun 28, 2021 ransomware scammers! scam, scam!
Jun 21, 2021 bitcoin tumbler They stole my money by lying to me. Plain & simple. Never ever send your money to someone who dms you first!!
May 31, 2021 other Fake website, money goes straight out
May 30, 2021 other Binance hot wallet, this is not malicious. Stolen funds tracked to this wallet means they have cashed out through Binance.
May 28, 2021 other fake online wallet scam, collects your btc and sends to this address
May 16, 2021 darknet market Double your bitcoin in 24 hour it's scam