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Address 1NDyJtNTjmwk5xPNhjgAMu4HDHigtobu1s
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Date Abuse Type Description
Nov 8, 2021 other Alots of BTC cashed out from here for investment in terror. Be aware
Nov 7, 2021 ransomware To HÏŘË a Tested, Well Trusted and Experienced Professional to Help you Recover your Bitcoin or Funds either Stolen, Hacked or Scammed, Simply Visit PERFECT WALLET RECOVERY DORT COM, They're a fully equipped.
Nov 5, 2021 other This wallet contains funds from scam for investment in terror in Eastern Europe region N Moscow.
Nov 5, 2021 other This adress contains fund from scam for investment in terror
Nov 4, 2021 ransomware Для торговли на (~2,4 BTC), перевел на кошелек 16nQT2esS9zLhvs4pdCBDAnYrpuKXTBzsd, мошенники перевели средства на 3GGrRZqQWb8M94FygG822xeVUS4qj3vDhR, затем на 1Dgte22oRWoDUkZXp16pQtZ12tKqLxbL3v, далее на горячий кошелек Binance 1NDyJtNTjmwk5xPNhjgAMu4HDHigtobu1s.
Nov 4, 2021 other Торговли на ~2,4 BTC. 16nQT2esS9zLhvs4pdCBDAnYrpuKXTBzsd, мошенники перевели средства на 3GGrRZqQWb8M94FygG822xeVUS4qj3vDhR, затем на 1Dgte22oRWoDUkZXp16pQtZ12tKqLxbL3v, далее на 1NDyJtNTjmwk5xPNhjgAMu4HDHigtobu1s
Nov 4, 2021 other Для торговли на перевел ~2,4 BTC на кошелек 16nQT2esS9zLhvs4pdCBDAnYrpuKXTBzsd мошенники перевели средства на 3GGrRZqQWb8M94FygG822xeVUS4qj3vDhR затем на 1Dgte22oRWoDUkZXp16pQtZ12tKqLxbL3v далее на 1NDyJtNTjmwk5xPNhjgAMu4HDHigtobu1s
Nov 4, 2021 ransomware I need him to pay me 1 bitcoin. He taken from me
Oct 27, 2021 other My friends added me to a telegram group It was all about trading BTC and had more than 7000 members and they sending the proof of withdrawing, deposit, and profits. They said the profit is 100% guaranteed and promised you can`t lose money. Lilija Sukmanyuk (trading manager) was also encouraging everyone to join by posting the packages and the profits to be earned by joining the company. To join had to sing up the account by using the link provided in the group. I set up my account then Lilija helped me to create a Luno account and send my first deposit. There were packages, I chose which give you 100% back profit in 24h. I saw after 24h there are no profits reflected on my account, when I contacted to support, they said my money was blocked by blockchain and I should deposit the same amount again to get the first deposit unblocked and profits as well. When I asked Lilija she said I should follow the instructions and I can withdraw my money. I contacted to live support and they sent me a code for profit but it was not working, they said I should activate it within 5 minutes. Lilija told me they had the same but by depositing the 3rd time they could withdraw. I deposited again and asked for a code, which I wanted to activate in 3 minutes but was not working. They said the problem was on my side not on theirs. I had to pay for a trading manager Clever Dunno who is doing 5 manual trading on my account and the profit would be $192.000 and I have to pay him 5%of the total amount in the end. I paid him £7200 to his BTC wallet. I tried to withdraw but they said my wallet address was not verified and I should pay 4.8% of the total amount. I sent them £6920 they sent me an email after 48h my wallet is verified and I can ask for a withdraw. When I logged in to the account all the money was already withdrawn. They said it was my fault, I didn`t secure my account enough. They said they can help me to recover my account which I have to pay 10% for.
Oct 25, 2021 other I'm a former employee of these scammers. The owner of these wallets are doing a huge investment in terror in Russia n Eastern Europe region. Stay away from any kind of dealing with these criminals n terror supporter. It is highly recommended