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Address 1zqjuqozoWKE1DHcRr4t34Cv6uzUwEUsc
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Latest ReportMon, 25 Feb 19 18:45:01 +0000
(3 years ago)

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Date Abuse Type Description
Feb 25, 2019 blackmail scam I don't want to dig a hole in your pocket. I just want to get paid for my efforts I put in investigating you. You'll make the payment via Bitcoin (if you do not know how, search "how to buy bitcoins" on search engine) Amount to be paid: $ 3200 Receiving Bitcoin Address: 1zqjuqozoWKE1DHcRr4t34Cv6uzUwEUsc (It is case sensitive, so you should copy and paste it carefully) At this point you may be thinking, “I will go to the cops”. Without a doubt, I've taken steps to make sure that this e mail can't be linked to me plus it will not steer clear of the proof from ruining your lifetime. Don't tell anyone, what you would be utilizing the Bitcoins for else they may not sell it to you. If I do not receive BitCoin , I will definately email your video recording to your contacts (including close relatives, coworkers, and so on). You should come up with an excuse for friends and family before they find out.
Feb 11, 2019 blackmail scam Second Option is to pay me $ 2200. We’ll name it my “confidentiality fee”. You'll make the payment by Bitcoins (if you do not know how, search "how to buy bitcoins" on search engine) Transfer Amount: $ 2200 Send To This Bitcoin Address: 1zqjuqozoWKE1DHcRr4t34Cv6uzUwEUsc Now you may be thinking, “I should call the cops”. Without a doubt, I have covered my steps in order that this message cannot be tracked back to me and yes it won't stay away from the proof from ruining your health. Tell nobody what you would use the bitcoin for or they may not sell it to you. The task to have bitcoin usually takes a day or two so don't delay. I've a private pixel in this e mail, and right now I know that you have read this e mail. You have 24 hours to transfer the payment. If I don't get my fees from you, I will definitely send out your evidence to your contacts (including friends and family, co-workers, and so on). You better think of a an excuse for everyone before they see your video.