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Date Abuse Type Abuser Description
Apr 13, 2021 ransomware Altruistic - Discord user - Bitfug As stated before this user stated I had won 0.495 BTC and provided a promo code for the scam website. Excerpt of the beginning of the scam post : "You have been randomly selected in the GIVEAWAY among users of Discord Servers such as Crypto, Energy, BTC Banker and many others! We are fast-growing crypto project offering the best conditions to hold or trade your Crypto! To attract new users we have made a GIVEAWAY with 1050 prizes cost almost 60 BTC!"
Apr 10, 2021 ransomware Some throwaway discord account Claimed I won a prize of 0.54 BTC and said I need to pay 0.01 BTC to receive it.
Apr 10, 2021 ransomware prestigious / Cool Apple 2 guys random bots dmed me on discord ... its 100% scam, because after sigin in they want 0.01 BTC on this hash adress
Apr 8, 2021 bitcoin tumbler UnawareService Match the other description in here.
Apr 7, 2021 bitcoin tumbler Mammoth Juice bitFUG Discord bot (Mammoth Juice) direct messaged me a giveaway of 0.54 BTC...I did not pursue further as the situation matches what other reports state.
Apr 6, 2021 bitcoin tumbler A Discord bot DMs me to let me know I won .54 BTC, about $31K in USD. Since I'm curious, I signed up with a fake email and everything, and redeemed the code. It does indeed ask for 0.01 BTC ($581 USD). Another thing that proves the whole (well-designed I must admit) website is a scam, it says "To withdraw the winning funds" while you try to withdraw it. Who told them it was winning funds? Who says it's not just BTC I put in there? Exactly. Scam.
Apr 6, 2021 ransomware Terrible I got a discord message from a guy named terrible. Offering me 0.495 BTC. It's a blatant scam as reported by other users.
Apr 4, 2021 bitcoin tumbler BitFug Scamming The unkowing out of BTC. Its a well done scam. You are sent a unique code in discord. Once creating an account, you can "activate" your code. Once activated, a fake balance is updated. You are then given the option to withdrawal. Upon clicking on withdraw, you are sent to a pop up asking 1for your coin wallet and 2For the withdraw amount. You are then asked to verify your account by depositing "$570" ish worth of BTC or ET. Complete blatant scam. They also offer "trading" big ol scam. PLZ TAKE DOWN
Apr 3, 2021 ransomware bitfug Someone has created a website and discord bot that claims to be having giveaways, but in order to receive your .7 btc (like what $30k right? I mean come on) you have to first deposit about $500 worth of bitcoin to become an "established user". They could be using revolving wallets, but I would see it being quite cumbersome to keep creating sites to receive the funds and host the wallet addresses. Maybe there is a way through the registrar or hosting platform to get them taken down? here is the site they redirect you to: They got a few members of the discord and someone checked the ethereum transactions and it's sickening they just pulled out like 58 ether 6 days ago. like $121,000 they've scammed people out of.