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May 4, 2021 other I got a cold call, where they told me my sin number had been stolen as it was used to launder money and traffic drugs. I must help verify me from the criminal and verify my bank accounts. They told me batch number 464800 and case #pr49682. Said they needed to verify I`m who I`m, so they asked for a picture from my ID and driving license. Then they said to verify my bank accounts, so I would have to make transactions and had to drive to the closest bank to me. They said I have to make a withdraw of $4800, when I asked why this much, they said the predetermined amount is randomly chosen. When I withdraw, they gave me a location where there was a BTC machine, I had to put the money on an account under my name until the verification was completed. They transfer the funds back to my account before 5 pm. They told me I have to verify my other account and I had to go to the closest bank near to me. Then they told me to withdraw $3800 and go back to the BTC machine and deposit there once again. Then they wanted me to go to another bank, take out more money to verify and save my bank card, or my card won't work. They said I must go to a different bank than I was before. I kept arguing and they threatened me with the police for not cooperating. Then I withdraw $2500 and deposit it to the machine. I said I don’t have more money, they told me they`ll call me back in a couple of minutes, they hung up. When I called the number back a lady picked up said we have never talked and I must have been scammed.