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Date Abuse Type Abuser Description
Apr 8, 2021 ransomware [email protected] This wallet was used to extort money. Most likely, the email address was forged by scammers, but the wallet is correct. Is it possible to ban this wallet and return the funds to the owners if someone managed to fall for the bait of scammers.
Apr 7, 2021 ransomware No company name Hello. The person who owns this wallet is engaged in extortion of money. I would send you a screenshot of his email, but I couldn't find a form to upload an image. I received several letters from him. Asks to transfer $ 650. I myself am a video blogger and I don’t believe in such tales, he could not find anything on my computer and does not have access there. But naive people can easily transfer money to this shameless person. Take action please
Apr 6, 2021 sextortion школоло наивный придурок рассылает спам с вымогательствами
Apr 5, 2021 blackmail scam Some self-proclaimed hacker 3дрaвcтвуйте! Я прогрaммиcт, кoторый взломaл 0С вaшeго уcтройcтвa. ... Перeвeдите 650$(USD) нa мой биткoин-кошeлек
Apr 2, 2021 ransomware Мамкин хакер Долбоёб вымогатель