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May 23, 2020 blackmail scam Demarcus Castoro <[email protected]> • Subject: Read this carefully: (EqY) from vds number (#2755) • Message: Camera ready,Notification: 17.03.2019 07:27:07 Status: Waiting for Reply 76xuBaOy0A6f03wCnVmXkU4KrF0Xy02Mu9_Priority: Normal --*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*- Hi Soccerjerse I am not going to take a lot of time... Treat this with understanding. Our squad doesnt want to poison your life if you follow our advices... You can find a lot of differnet specifications about protection on the internet: vpn , download the latest antivirus base; hide webcameras with a adhesive tape. But you deem that it is not obligatorily. I counted 1450 people which downloaded my malware... It was uploaded on fake web-page with adobe player. People installed everything and didnt surmise something bad, as you know this software is necessary for all computers to play video files... You are infected too and only you can help yourself. My built-in parser responded to calls to porn-sites in your connections. Directly when the play button was tapped my soft turned on your web-camera to shoot you caressing your body. After my malware copied the video which you were watching on the computer. My formgrabber demolished history and got all passwords from your social media that you have visited since last Tuesday. We made a copy of your contacts with your friends, collegues and relatives. Let's put it all together... I got vid with you paying with yourself; contact list with your mates; vid which you opened on your computer. If you do not want to be dishonored you must send us 380 united states dollars in btc (cryptocurrency. Mybitcoin : bc1q3znz4nr38km08kx8wa4ueseyjt3nevh3zlj7f6 Think better: be a star among friends or pay this little sum not to lose your habitual life. Cops cant help. We write you through our anonymous bot system, also I do not live in your country. IP in a header is not mine. If you have some problems write me back. Think twice.