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May 4, 2021 other Elon Musk / Tesla 12,362 Bitcoin Giveaway Scam Send 0.1-50 BTC from any wallet or exchange to 1EMuskqCZUbfqHkdKiR18mfQJSSKGnCMQz and X2 Bitcoin will immediately returned to the sender's wallet. Was busy watching Youtube video regarding Crypto trading. There was promoted advertising in between that looked extremely legit as if being casted live and broadcasting the giveaway process. From the Youtube advert it linked you to this web page: (now only reported as unsafe) In this page is a further link "Click here to participate" that takes you to the page with the "contribution" wallet address. URL This page has what seemingly look like active transactions coming in and going out with comments etc. Stolen Amount: 0.10688586 BTC bought around $56,460 per BTC (lost $6.034) Transaction details: Coin Status Amount Date BTC Completed 0.10688586 2021-05-03 01:22:16 Information Address: 1EMuskqCZUbfqHkdKiR18mfQJSSKGnCMQz TxID: f2c470b25ae08dd4fecdc59a3f1d41d1534cc1cc06b13c4693251a4213633d2d Transaction Fee: 0.0005 Placed a tracker on the "1EMuskqCZUbfqHkdKiR18mfQJSSKGnCMQz" account and today (4 May 2021) received notice of activity on the account / wallet. The full balance was moved to a Segwit wallet (bc1q6twc4znuw4tep0zgzdka7au357u5gsj5vm4gyn) as per link: