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Jun 29, 2020 sextortion ransom The basic rule of Internet surfing is not to browse websites for adults. You are running thru the text because u were infected with my malware. My virus turns onyour web camera and conducts secret footage. Now here is the point, I shot your jerk off as well as I have accessed to ur mail and to ur enquiries and now I gotta share the vid with all your enquiries from your email. I will let you a possibility to move away from the deadlock and recover ur prestige. bc1q7tsaf60qe6j70a0y3nvg3mxsvhtyl53y0ppfy8 is the digital wallet you ought to destinate 0,15 BTC in the period of 24 h after opening the notice (my system will send me a notification) and I assure u that I will sweep off all ur horrible dirty laundry. If I will not be compensated within twenty four hours, in forty-eight hours I am gonna present ur masturbate vid to all your contacts as well as post the vid on social networking web-sites. It’s up to u whether your public image is important in front of your relatives. I hacked this electronic-mail, soon the access to it will be denied so It’s pointless to write me.