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Feb 23, 2021 other Nicole Ross, Nicole Crypto, Alexa Clark, Mia Lynn, Nadja Crypto (crypto pump investment scam) Beware of diversion attempts of the scammers on I was scammed by the Telegram addresses the report presents as the legitimate version. My extensive research these last days indicates, there is no legitimate channel of Nicole Ross, Nicole Crypto, Alexa Clark, Mia Lynn, Nadja Crypto.
Feb 23, 2021 ransomware Got scammed by the fake account Take care Here is theYoutube video that shows how the FAKER WORKS Its not the real Nicole TAKE CARE !!! Here [email protected] is @NicoleCrypto, I contact also the wrong person
Feb 22, 2021 other Nicole Ross, Nicole Crypto, Alexa Clark, Mia Lynn, Nadja Crypto (crypto pump investment scam) I will draw the picture of the operation as I understand it. Regarding the entities involved, I remain unspecific, since I do not know who hides behind this pseudonym of “Nicole” or the other “ladies”. I do not recall how I got to the Telegram channel The said channel posts several times per day interesting information. Today I realize it is mostly copied content. Nevertheless, It was enough to draw my attention. Some of the information provided gave me good ideas for successful crypto trades. However, this is the bait to draw "leads" to the channel. Daily, they post reports about “pumps” of smaller coins with the aim to sell with a profit. The returns they promise seemed more or less possible to achieve through a coordinated pump. For a while I ignored it, suspecting something fishy. Probably out of curiosity I got in contact to their info-bot (@VIPCoinPumpBot). It directed me to this address for more information regarding investments: @NicoleCrypto. I agreed to give it a try with the lowest possible investment. All went well, once, twice, three times, augmenting the stakes every time. I received my investment back onto a BTC address under my control. This was to make me gain trust and trigger my greed. The fourth time, as I asked for pay out, some fishy story was presented to me regarding a “special” wallet I needed to activate. This is when I realized, to what trick I had fallen. They came up with some “Nigerian connection” classic scam scheme to squeeze even a bit more out of me, by asking me to pay an activation deposit onto the new wallet, presumably under their control, and that they would credited it back right after. I did not do that. All answers they gave me were turnig around the activation of this special wallet. The contact to these people finished with a pointless "ping-pong" of my questions and repetitive useless answers that lead to no end. My money is gone. Be smarter than I was. BR, Adrian