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Address bc1qu8zhx0xl58nmrqfqqgezf3e3e6vy6rc6w07nzs
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Latest ReportFri, 22 Oct 21 14:41:40 +0000
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Date Abuse Type Description
Oct 14, 2021 ransomware Installed a rat - Unsure what program - Demanded ransom money
Oct 14, 2021 sextortion Blackmail for webcam
Oct 13, 2021 ransomware Using student email and password information to claim that they have infected my device with malware. Using scare tactics to get people to send bitcoin(tracked browsing history, recorded you watching porn etc). Requests a payment to the address to delete the recordings and contact info.
Oct 13, 2021 blackmail scam black mailing with webcam hacking and taking nude photos of underage girls.
Oct 12, 2021 ransomware Threatens of releasing video of user.
Oct 12, 2021 blackmail scam Your compu I am a programmer and hacked your computer 1 months ago.! I kept saving information all the time, such as: browsing history, screen recordings, contacts, messages and much more. I already wanted to forget you, but recently i saw something interesting on your desktop. I'm talking about the day you visited a porn site. I decided to record video from the webcam and desktop. Now I have a video of you masturbating yourself. I have already written down all your contacts from the address book. All contacts from friends, acquaintances, relatives. All this will be with me. I am ready to forget about all this and completely stop accessing your computer and email. I guarantee i will not send these videos and delete all archives with them. After that i will leave and no longer bother you, but for that I want to have $700 worth of bitcoins in my wallet. Bitcoin wallet address: bc1qu8zhx0xl58nmrqfqqgezf3e3e6vy6rc6w07nzs You have 12 hours after reading this email. I still control your email and computer - and i know when you open them and read them. Don't try to change your email password, everything is under control. Do not try to contact me and answer this letter. I sent it to you from your email address. Take a look at the sender, you will see that i have complete control over your email and your computer. If you do not know how to buy bitcoins, you can find information on how to buy bitcoins online. If you need help, you can read several articles about it. I look forward to your actions. If you don't need this data online and with all your friends, send $700 to my wallet BTC. After that I will erase all data and disappear from your life
Oct 12, 2021 blackmail scam demanded 700 usd in bitcoin or else they will send a webcam recording to my contacts. this is their ip :
Oct 12, 2021 blackmail scam hacked my email and blackmailed me with the claim of having a video of me masturbating and sending it to my contacts.
Oct 12, 2021 blackmail scam emailed me with my password
Oct 12, 2021 blackmail scam has outlook mail password, demands 700 dolars