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Address bc1qy8kqfr5prxtjadg49s5kp3cy86fxm4n7zdn4p5
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Latest ReportWed, 22 Feb 23 14:32:19 +0000
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Date Abuse Type Description
Jan 27, 2022 other Stay away from these motherfuckers aasborn russians eastern europeans n british scammer n criminal from 3rd world. These fuck thier own mother to death. Satans sperm
Jan 18, 2022 other There is a group of zoinists jews n orthodox christians criminal behind all this scam activity.
Jan 6, 2022 other Where in hell these fucking criminals from otpfx have gone? Fucking criminals of eastern europeans countries. Where most of criminals thieves n scammers are born.
Jan 2, 2022 other Plz contact Summitrecoup for pleasure (18+). They provide u girls in every colour for either ur stripclub, illegal brothel, one night show, or a single shot. They are cheapest and very service-minded which is not comparable to any other out there. Do not hesitate to contact them. 24/7 service available.
Dec 8, 2021 other This wallet belongs to a terrorist
Nov 26, 2021 ransomware I lost not a small amount of money, I was deceived. Why are there only deceivers around? I am in despair, on the verge of suicide. please help how much it is not a pity. my bitcoin address is bc1q5v2qd98jhyr548xcyfngvlmtt7mzucjkgx47mq
Nov 25, 2021 other These mother fuckers from mycryptoclaim and globalpayback are same mothers fuckers, these fucking hellish scammers whores childrens dying for scamming. They try to create every single opportunity to loot scam rob n steal from people. These mother fuckers are raised as criminals. To hell with them, the only place they deserve to get to.
Nov 23, 2021 other This wallet contains funds with the purpose of investing in terror in Western Europe and Russia, These scammers work for White Supremacist Terrorists.
Nov 22, 2021 other This wallet contains funds from scam. N these scammer are investing in terro in centrak Europe origin n U.K. Stay away