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Address 12kieSEdCV4ikxdXXXC23ZsDcNmmKrRmwA
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Date Abuse Type Description
Jul 4, 2021 sextortion Greetings! I have to share bad news with you. Approximately few months ago I have gained access to your devices, which you use for internet browsing. After that, I have started tracking your internet activities. Here is the sequence of events: Some time ago I have purchased access to email accounts from hackers (nowadays, it is quite simple to purchase such thing online). Obviously, I have easily managed to log in to your email account (********@***** One week later, I have already installed Trojan virus to Operating Systems of all the devices that you use to access your email. In fact, it was not really hard at all (since you were following the links from your inbox emails). All ingenious is simple. =)
Jul 4, 2021 ransomware from ([]:43441) by with esmtp (Exim 4.94.2) (envelope-from <[email protected]>) id 1lztrw-002Ah2-Ap
Jul 4, 2021 sextortion The abuser is asking for an amount to be transferred to his/her bitcoin account otherwise he/she will expose my "sexual" activities from websites that I didn't even open.
Jul 4, 2021 sextortion Ask money to not public videos and photos with me
Jul 4, 2021 blackmail scam Requesting $1,650.00 USD in Bitcoin to delete videos
Jul 4, 2021 blackmail scam Received:from [] ([]) Return-Path:<[email protected]> Subject: Payment from your account.
Jul 4, 2021 blackmail scam Got a blackmail from [email protected] (most likely a hacked account) asking to transfer $ 1650 USD to the reported wallet in no more than 48 hours. Otherwise private and compromising videos gathered supposedly after hacking my email and all my computers will be released to my contacts. The email has no proof of the hacking, just generic threats, it seems to be just a bluff to scare people and get them paying, but still a crime.
Jul 4, 2021 sextortion Let's settle it this way: You transfer $1650 USD to me (in bitcoin equivalent according to the exchange rate at the moment of funds transfer), and once the transfer is received, I will delete all this dirty stuff right away.
Jul 3, 2021 ransomware He must be a magician because "he has managed to record a number of your dirty scenes...." with the camera I DO NOT have in my PC. An extremally talented moron who looks for the more stupid than he is.
Jul 3, 2021 blackmail scam (False) Blackmailing