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Address 15m7EveUtXmY3V7keJx1FA1cySxHrBk7dY
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Latest ReportFri, 21 Dec 18 07:24:50 +0000
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Date Abuse Type Description
Dec 21, 2018 blackmail scam Some extracts from the mail: I'm convinced you are asking yourself exactly why you got this mail with one of your passwords in the subject. I hold this password as well as all of your other passwords [...] I also acquired all your computer files, information, contacts and accounts. Occasionally i also initiated your web cam whilst you checked out mature internet websites. I taped lots of video clips and took many pics of you "liking yourself" on these online websites. You can change passwords or do whatever you want, my trojan viruses will constantly allow me complete access to your system. [...] Next you can compensate me a small price to erase all your data and delete the trojan on your device. I have already been spending a lot of time observing you and tracking your system so I believe $700 is a reasonable price to compensate for my silence. [...] My bitcoin wallet is: 15m7EveUtXmY3V7keJx1FA1cySxHrBk7dY [...]
Dec 15, 2018 blackmail scam he said that he has all my emails and passwords, he wants money
Dec 4, 2018 blackmail scam You have eight hours to generate this payment, the moment you opened this email, my timer activated. My setup began to monitor the bitcoin address earlier mentioned, when i do receive the payment within eight hrs my trojan will destroy itself and also all your information, records, contacts and so on will be removed from my setup and you will by no means hear from me again. This is the statement of all genuine online hackers, do not do evil, do your task. If i don't receive your transaction, well, you understand exactly what will happen and i am very sure you do not desire that so go forward and make the transaction within eight hrs.
Dec 3, 2018 blackmail scam Had my password and threatened to send things out to my friends and family if I don't transfer $700.
Dec 1, 2018 ransomware got a password and threaten to release others said a Tojan was infecting my Mac - NO and demanded $950 for payment - reported to police Fraud
Nov 30, 2018 blackmail scam Primitive scum who blackmails you via kind of sextortion.
Nov 28, 2018 blackmail scam Blackmailing me to send them $800 in Bitcoins in the next 8 hours
Nov 28, 2018 blackmail scam zastraszanie i próba wyciągnięcia haraczu
Nov 28, 2018 blackmail scam I'm certain you are asking yourself why you received this message with one of your security passwords in the subject (**). I hold this particular password and also every one of your other passwords for the reason that one of several xxx web-sites you visit was inserted with one of my trojans and it contaminated your device. I have been checking you for a very long time period now. I furthermore acquired all your data files, info, contacts and accounts. From time to time i also initiated your web cam whilst you visited mature internet sites. I recorded plenty of video clips and took a few snapshots of you "having fun with yourself" on those websites. You can modify online-passwords or do no matter what you want, my trojan viruses will continuously grant me complete accessibility to your system. Don't be concerned, keep on reading and i will inform you how to proceed.