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Address 17n1o3K2juHADGSJ6xm4dbHfjvEZu6A1iT
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Date Abuse Type Description
Aug 4, 2020 other On the evening of June 13th dozens of reports were received by YouTube notifying them that a compromised account was impersonating the Official SpaceX Youtube channel. The channel, which was featured content on YouTube's homepage, broadcast a SpaceX livestream event that had up 80,000 viewers. The impersonators, masquerading as the verified account SpaceX, published a bitcoin doubling contest. It was embedded within the live stream adjacent to the original content. The content, titled 5000 Bitcoin Giveaway, was ostensibly part of a SpaceX promotions/marketing campaign meant to highlight the recent launch of the Crew Dragon. Within the livestream was a ticker board showing the transactions clearing the bitcoin network. To enter, a person was enticed to transfer a minimum of 0.1 BTC to an address in QR code provided within the livestream. Participants were told they would receive double their cryto back. Also within the livesteam a ticker showed the names, BTC amounts, and addresses of completed 'doubling' transactions. The more seasoned users of YouTube identified the scam and reported that an egregious violation of the YouTube Terms of Service was occurring and needed to be shut down. It took YouTube over an hour to respond, by which time unsuspecting YouTube users had transferred $150,000 to 3 bitcoin addresses.
Jun 14, 2020 other Check YouTube: SpaceX: Special Event by Elon Musk
Jun 14, 2020 bitcoin tumbler had a "SpaceX" named youtube page live streaming a video that had Elon Musk on preview with a message: "Elon Musk 5000 BTC giveaway" with zero videos except that one, with one writing error that called attention. had a nice setup of NASA's live stream with fake live transactions, that were giving 10 times the BTCs back to the sender, but in the video description was claiming only twice the amount (the scam consisted in sending at least 0,1 to get 0,2 BTC and so on, with some percentage bonuses from a certain amount). the used website was counting down the BTCs available, and stopped at 39, claiming they were reserved for me. nice scam... hope people that falled for it get their BTCs back
Jun 14, 2020 other There was a youtube account and video. Youtube has pulled down the video and terminated the account, the URLs were: Video URL User Community page Person was claiming that if you sent them BTC they would send you back roughly 10 times as much. It looks like 19 people fell for it (I did not).
Jun 14, 2020 blackmail scam false stream Stealing people money