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Date Abuse Type Abuser Description
Jan 12, 2019 ransomware My email address Bonjour, Je viens de recevoir ce mail directement depuis mon adresse email privée. Une demande de rançon pour supprimer des vidéos etc concernant des sites pour adultes. Merci de faire le nécessaire afin que cela ne se reproduise plus.
Jan 12, 2019 ransomware ransomware Dumbag gives me 50h to pay :-)
Jan 12, 2019 ransomware 18Pt4B7Rz7Wf491FGQHPsfDeKRqnkyrMo6 Google Translate Text .. like "Give me Bitcoins or..." Please delete this wallet or bring this idiot to jail.
Jan 12, 2019 ransomware Random Its an email that states that a hacker has hacked my accouts and my OS, blablablbalabla I should give him 364 € to get my files back that he had uploaded to an remote server. Yeah wright LOL. He sent the mail from my own e-mail adress to me so i have no clue who or what he is. I am from Austria so sorry my english is not so amazing. thanks
Jan 12, 2019 blackmail scam Nachricht vom Sicherheitsdienst. Der Zugang zu Ihrem Konto erfolgt uber Dritte. Badly auto-translated german. Scammer requests bitcoin worth of about 350 Euro in the next 50 hours. Threatens to release incriminating video. Received: from (unknown [])
Jan 12, 2019 blackmail scam 18Pt4B7Rz7Wf491FGQHPsfDeKRqnkyrMo6 Same as all of the apparent receivers of this guys email spam (blakmail spam), he threaten to release my private files on my computer if I don't pay him 300 euro within 50 hours.
Jan 12, 2019 blackmail scam some cunt tries to blackmail with some porn scam shit
Jan 12, 2019 blackmail scam 18Pt4B7Rz7Wf491FGQHPsfDeKRqnkyrMo6 What an idiot...
Jan 12, 2019 blackmail scam unknown Some (not so bad written) porn blackmail/scam email.
Jan 12, 2019 blackmail scam (unknown []) GMT -3 hours Bla-bla-bla in german. Just new Bitcoin vallet, same old scam.