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Address 19vGYNQyE2fqAqZHmhGRyWiQt1oMpUY1x4
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Date Abuse Type Description
Oct 28, 2018 blackmail scam Hilariously retarted attempt for extortion :D hello, victim. THIS IS MY LAST WARNING! I write you inasmuch as I buried a virus on the web site with porn which you have visited. My trojan captured all your private information and switched on your web camera which recorded the process of your wank. Just after that the soft saved your contact list. I will erase the compromising video and info if you send me 1500 EURO in bitcoin. This is address for payment : 19vGYNQyE2fqAqZHmhGRyWiQt1oMpUY1x4 I give you 30 hours after you open my message for making the transaction. As soon as you read the message I'll see it right away. It is not necessary to tell me that you have sent money to me. This wallet address is connected to you, my system will delete everything automatically after transfer confirmation.
Oct 24, 2018 blackmail scam You can complain to the police but they will not help you. I am foreigner. It means they can not catch my location even for 8 weeks. This is my last warning!   We upload a malware on your devise. We recorded you through your web-cam, during your porn-site visit. And now I have a record of your masturbation.  Your contacts are copied on my disc so if you want us to keep this secret you have to pay 320 dollars in bitcoins.   Enter this bitcoin address for payment 19vGYNQyE2fqAqZHmhGRyWiQt1oMpUY1x4 (something like a credit card number)   If you write back on this message my server will instantly forward you the proofs that I control your OS.   So right after your answer you will receive new transaction info and you will have to send 20000 dollars instead of the previous amount.   Bye. Think about the shame.    
Oct 17, 2018 ransomware Telling me to send 999 crytomonies to their account or else they have a masturbation video of me which will be sent to all my contacts ?
Oct 16, 2018 blackmail scam Spam email received potentially from faked email address requesting funds to be sent as follows... Bottom of email as follows... If yоu wаnt to dеlete thе reсоrds- рay mе 650 eurо in BTС(cryptоcurrеnсy). I рrovide you my Btс numbеr - 19vGYNQyE2fqAqZHmhGRyWiQt1oMpUY1x4 You hаve 24 hоurs aftеr rеаding. Whеn I gеt trаnsfer I will dеstrоy the vidеоtapе еvеrmоre. Оther way I will send thе taрe to all yоur сolleagues and friеnds.
Oct 16, 2018 ransomware If yоu wаnt to deletе thе recоrds- рay me 550 еuro in BTС(cryрtосurrеnсy). I рrоvidе you my Btс number - 19vGYNQyE2fqAqZHmhGRyWiQt1oMpUY1x4 Yоu hаvе 24 hours аftеr rеading. Whеn I get transfеr I will dеstroy thе videоtaрe evermоrе. Оther way I will send thе tарe to all your соlleagues and friends.